Summer crafts

The Shutter Store 5/11/2017 9:51:21 AM Seasonal
With the long summer holidays stretching ahead of us, here are a few fun DIY craft ideas to keep your kids busy – and happy

1 Create holiday art
We love this project from Molly Moo – it’s the perfect craft activity for kids – they’ll have fun and make a beautiful keepsake for their bedrooms. This picture has been created with a large sheet of watercolor paper, watercolor paints, and images cut out from comic books, magazines and old picture books – all neatly presented in a frame (try Ikea for something similar). You could use anything from stickers and photographs to glue and craft supplies you already have around the house to create a personalized picture, too, and what better way to remember the holidays than by including keepsakes, souvenirs, ticket stubs and even sea shells?

2 Make a ball game
The brilliant laundry basket skee ball game came to our attention via Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls. It’s simple and inexpensive to set up – and can be played outdoors and in, depending on the weather. All you need are some laundry baskets – or cardboard boxes – which you label with numbers to denote points scored. Create a ramp with an old cardboard box and some tape – keeping the sides on it makes the game much easier (and tidier). Then just get the kids to roll light plastic balls – like those for ball pits – up the ramp and into the baskets. Simple – but a summer activity to keep them busy for hours!

3 Plant a fairy garden
This cute little fairy garden from Good Housekeeping reminds us of the ones we used to make when we were young – and it’s a great way to keep the kids busy while you get some gardening done or relax in the sunshine. All you need is a shallow pot, some soil, some pretty plants, which they can enjoy choosing at the garden center, and cute finds you’ll pick up at a thrift or craft store. Sea shells, real or glass pebbles will all be wonderful additions to their DIY mini-garden.
4 Stage soap boat races
Rain gutters in a DIY store were the inspiration for this clever boat race chute by I Heart Naptime. To copy it, invest in two (or four) lengths of rain gutter, a few bars of soap, tooth picks, fabric samples, scissors and either a stapler or glue gun. Then, all you do is cut out triangles of different fabrics (so each child can distinguish their soap boat), glue or staple them to toothpicks to create a mini flag, and stick each one in the top of a soap bar. Place each length of gutter on a slope (or create a shallow slope by wedging an off-cut of wood at one end); wet the gutter using a hosepipe or watering can – and let the races begin!
5 Be creative with twigs

This cute little craft project by Homemade Ginger starts with a walk in the woods or park to gather fallen twigs. Once home, you just need a few pots of acrylic paint and paint brushes to create colorful bouquets for their bedrooms. For best effect, paint the twigs white before adding the colors, then simply let your children loose with their paintbrushes!
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