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Choosing Plantation Shutters for Large Windows

Yasmeen 12/31/2020 11:18:01 AM Ask Yasmeen, Buying and Fitting Shutters, Inspiration

If you are covering a large window with plantation shutters, you can follow the same simple measuring and installation guides as for any-sized window. Don’t let the large size intimidate you! There are a few simple, smart choices you can make when designing your indoor shutters for large windows to get hassle-free and long-lasting shutters. 

Best Shutter Style for Large Windows 

While it may seem that covering only a lower portion of your window or splitting the shutter into tiers would help reduce the weight of the panels, it is actually best to opt for a Full Height shutter on a large window.  

Café style shutters do not have a top frame since they cover only the lower portion of a window. The top frame piece provides additional support as well as additional magnets on the top of each panel to keep the panels properly closed and aligned.  

Tier on tier style shutters are split, so gravity works against the top tier, and each tier has only 3 sides of the frame to connect to, rather than a full 4-sided frame around each panel.  

Full Height shutters come with a 4-sided frame for the best support, alignment, and longevity of your shutters. You can add a mid-rail for additional support and to allow separate control of the upper and lower sections of slats. You can even add 2 mid-rails on very tall windows for added stability and splitting up the slats into 3 separately operable sections.  

Shutters for large arched windows

We also offer plantation shutters for large arched windows, in 4 different styles. For larger windows, we suggest choosing Arch 1 or Arch 3 as these utilize a horizontal t-post to separate the sunburst from the rectangular portion, again splitting up the weight of the shutter for longevity. 


Arch 1 Style shutter for a large arch window  

Special Shaped Shutters >> 

Best Material for Large Window Shutters

When selecting your material, we suggest choosing wooden shutters for large windows. All of our shutters are made of 100% solid materials. Poplar wood is the lightest weight of our wooden materials. Elm is a heavier weight more dense wood, and our polyvinyl is solid with an aluminum core which makes it slightly heavier than a wooden shutter.  

The ranges we offer in poplar wood include Classic Poplar Hardwood, Designer Collection, and American Hardwood. These will give you the lightest weight shutter panels, making them easier to swing open and closed on a large window.  

For bathroom shutters, especially those exposed to moisture or humidity, we recommend using polyvinyl in these cases, since polyvinyl is waterproof. You can opt for the Affordable Fauxwood or American Polyvinyl if you need your shutters to be waterproof. Since this is a heavier material, t-posts are recommended to split up the weight of the panels.