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There are a whole lot of kitchen window treatments out there. But, which option looks great, won’t be affected by odors or condensation and is easy to clean? The choice that ticks all the boxes is plantation shutters, of course.


Why choose plantation shutters for your kitchen window dressing?

The beauty of kitchen shutters is the fact that they’re so simple to control. You can close and angle the slats for privacy, or open them to let the light flood in. If your kitchen looks out onto beautiful scenery, or you want to show off your garden, you can also fold your shutters back neatly against the wall for a full panoramic view.

Leave a kitchen window undressed and the room can overheat on summer days, and feel exposed after dark, as well as making the space looking unfinished. Plenty of kitchen window treatments will vie for your attention but only shutters can solve all these problems, plus make the room look fabulous.

Which kitchen window treatments are most practical?

It can be hard to choose the right dressing for a kitchen window because it’s a functional and hard-working space. Cooking creates condensation, so it’s vital kitchen window treatments cope with the humid atmosphere of the room. Hang curtains at the window and the fabric is going to take up moisture and may mildew.

Fabric also absorbs cooking smells, and an odor that’s tantalizing when a dish is in the oven or on the cooktop doesn’t stay that way when the curtains have taken it up and layered it with other aromas. Yes, they can be taken down and cleaned, but it’s a time-consuming chore and leaves the window undressed in between. Curtains can also clutter up windowsills and intrude into preparation space. That might create a nuisance in a generous kitchen but in a compact space it’s a positive hazard.

Choose a fabric kitchen blind and the same cooking smell issues apply. Added to that is the fact that some kitchen blind designs can obstruct part of the window when they’re meant to be open, blocking the flow of daylight into the room. Some blind designs can’t control the light effectively, either, with up or down the only choice of position. Other blinds might start to warp in the humidity of the room.

Kitchen plantation shutters are made to last

Number one in the kitchen window treatments chart? Plantation shutters don’t absorb cooking smells – unlike curtains or blinds – so you can be sure they won’t compromise the welcoming ambience of the room. They’re also quick and easy to clean, leaving you time for preparing and sharing food rather than doing the chores.

Shutters offer better home security as well. Opt for a shutter design that covers the whole window and you’ll give your home an extra layer of protection. You can even add a lock so windows can stay open to the breeze on balmy days but remain covered against potential intruders.


How can kitchen shutters regulate light and heat?

For comfort when you’re cooking and eating, and safety when you’re preparing food, it’s vital that you can control the sunlight that comes in through your kitchen windows so the room doesn’t overheat and the light doesn’t dazzle you.

Shutters provide the control and subtle adjustment necessary. You can angle the slats to deflect the sun but keep the room light-filled on hot days. Open the slats, and light will flood in, then close them at night for a kitchen that feels cozy. For kitchens with a great outlook on to the yard or beyond, shutters also have the benefit of folding neatly out of the way so you can make the most of the view.

Are window shutters waterproof?

Window directly above the sink? Hard-working space that’s often steamy? Other kitchen window treatments can deteriorate when the going gets tough, but we offer shutters that are 100% waterproof. Our polyvinyl and faux wood shutters won’t warp or shrink, so you can count on them looking good for years to come.

Are plantation shutters a stylish solution?

Whatever look you want to create with your scheme, our wooden or vinyl shutters are the ideal kitchen window treatment. They work in more traditional or contemporary rooms, and come in a range of styles. If boosting light is vital, café style shutters are a great choice. They cover just the lower section of the window for privacy and light control, and leave the upper part open for daylight to enter the room unimpeded.

For total window coverage, louvered full height shutters are stylish and offer light and privacy regulation or, for even more flexibility, try tier-on-tier shutters (aka, double-hung shutters) with independent opening of top and bottom panels.

Shutters will dress French windows and patio doors as well as windows, of course, and it’s easy to combine solid panels with louvered sections in half solid designs to suit the glazing.

It’s easy to add color to the kitchen with shutters, too. Our shutters can be supplied in any shade you like so you can add an accent to a white or neutral kitchen scheme, or team classic white shutters with colorful cabinetry and kitchen surfaces.

Aside from all the practical benefits, there’s no denying that kitchen shutters look stunning and add style and character to your room. Whether you opt for painted wooden shutters, traditional solid panels or louver shutters, it’s easy to make your kitchen window a real design feature.

Increased home security

As shutters cover the whole window, they offer an extra level of security to your room. Many of our customers add a lock so they can leave their window open while keeping the house secure. This works especially well on balmy summer evenings, or if you leave your pet in the kitchen while you’re out.

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Question iconCommon questions answered 

I’m considering colorful shutters for a kitchen. Any advice?

Shutters are great at adding a splash of color to your kitchen. If you have a neutral color palette throughout the room, a bold color on your window can look very striking. .

Why are shutters good in kitchens?

In a nutshell, shutters in a kitchen make perfect sense. They’re stylish, hardwearing, secure, easy to clean and don’t retain dust, fat or odors.  
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