Waterproof Shutters

When it comes to buying kitchen or bathroom shutters, you need something that’s going to stand up to high levels of moisture. Luckily, our waterproof vinyl shutters do exactly that.

Waterproof polyvinyl plantation shutters

You may think that polyvinyl shutters couldn't compare to their wooden counterparts, but that's simply not true. In fact, all our waterproof vinyl shutters look and feel just like wood. Which means your windows will have the same dramatic effect of wooden shutters as well as being 100% waterproof.

Quality plastic window shutters 

The material found in our vinyl window shutters is used to produce kettles and crash helmets, so you’d have to go a long way to find anything more resilient.

So whether you need kitchen shutters, bathroom shutters, or even something to dress the window in a shower area, you’re in the right place. Our waterproof polyvinyl and faux wood shutters will not peel, warp, or fade, and come with The Shutter Store price promise too, making our plantation shutter prices hard to beat.

Custom vinyl shutters for your home

Contemporary, modern, or classic? Whatever look you’re going for, our waterproof shutters for bathrooms and kitchen comes in various slat sizes and many paint colors that will perfectly complement your home's style.

With full height, cafĂ©, or tier-on-tier (or double-hung shutters) options on offer, you’ll also be able to achieve exactly the right level of light, privacy and impact for your home.

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Question iconCommon questions answered 

Do your waterproof plantation shutters look like real wood?

You’d think that plastic shutters for windows could never have the drama of real wood, but ours really do. Our plastic plantation shutters are made with a specially selected material so they’re completely waterproof but also look like wood when they’re on your window.

Plastic plantation shutter inspiration

Are you sold on waterproof shutters but need a little inspiration? Take a look at our vinyl shutters online in our gallery. Or if you’re ready to buy your polyvinyl shutters, visit our shop to get started.