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Getting Started

So you’ve decided you’d like indoor window shutters? Excellent choice! You've chosen us as your source for shutters? Smart move! You're going to save a fortune buying them from us ready-to-fit yourself. Now you just need to find the right shutter style for your home. 

Here’s where you can find out all about our shutter styles and follow our 3 simple steps to find the right material. If you prefer to speak with a true shutter expert simply give us a call.

After you're done, be sure to read over our Measuring Guides. To ensure a complete success from beginning to end, please do take the time to read and measure as per our guides. It doesn't matter if you're new to DIY or know little about shutters - ours are simple to design, measure and fit. 

Keep in mind that after you place your order online, you will receive a call from one of our shutter experts within 24 to 48 hours to confirm all order details. Any design changes requested during verbal review can come with a surcharge. Nothing is placed into production until we have spoken with you. 

Shutter Styles?

Shutter styles There are 3 main shutter styles: full height shutters that cover your whole window, top to bottom; tier on tier where the top and bottom half of your shutters are separate so you can open and close them independently; and cafĂ© style shutters which just cover the bottom half of your window. Most shutters are slatted, but are also available solid or half solid. Choosing your shutter style is a matter of personal taste - every style can fit every room and window type.   

3 steps to finding your perfect shutters

1. What type of shutter material do you need?  

Wooden shutters
They are elegant, timeless pieces available in classic poplar hardwood or our sustainably sourced premium elm.  
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Vinyl shuttersFaux Wood Shutters
Faux wood shutters have come a long way, and you’ll be surprised at just how real this material looks and feels. Our American Wood Core shutters are comprised of a high quality PVC with wood cores running through the stiles and rails. They're completely waterproof, making them ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.

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Polyvinyl Shutters
Another waterproof option, our polyvinyl shutters are low maintenance and high quality. The Luxe Polyvinyl range is available in all styles, while our American Vinyl is our most budget friendly range. Plus, they're shipped to your home in just two weeks.


2. Where in the house are you fitting shutters?  

Indoor plantation shutters make a great addition to any and every room in the house. They’re so much more than an elegant window covering. Shutters help you control the light, keep your room cool in summer and warm in winter, and add privacy, security and sound proofing. That's good news for people who love a good night's sleep. Plus, our waterproof shutters are ideal for spaces that suffer from excess moisture.
Living room shuttersLiving Rooms
Living room, lounge, family room: it’s the heart of the home. Shutters in the living room are great for style, light control and privacy. 
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Kitchen shuttersKitchen
Shutters in the kitchen look great and are a practical choice. They’re secure, easy to clean, and open up for a bright start to the day. And if you’re worried about excess moisture effecting your shutters, our waterproof Faux Wood Shutter ranges will give you peace of mind.
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Bathroom shuttersBathroom
Hygienic, hardwearing and resistant to humidity – three big benefits that make shutters a great choice for any bathroom, toilet or shower room. Bathrooms aren’t the driest of rooms, but our waterproof Faux Wood Shutters will solve that problem.
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Bedroom shuttersBedroom
Light when you wake, dark when you’re sleepy, shutters work wonderfully in bedrooms. Great for soundproofing, they’re particularly good for kids’ rooms.
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Loft shuttersAttic room
Attic rooms and loft conversions are spaces where you need to make the most of the light. Cue shutters, custom made for any window shape.
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3. What type of windows are your shutters for?  

Windows come in all shapes, sizes and styles -  and the good news is, we can make shutters for all of them.