Wooden Shutters


Why choose custom wooden shutters for your windows?

If you’re looking to find top quality wooden shutters for low costs, you’re in the right place. Naturally beautiful, real wooden shutters will add character and warmth to any room. Interior wood shutters are timeless and versatile, they’re perfect for complementing both traditional and contemporary styles. You can choose a stain that lets the natural characteristics of your wooden shutters shine through or go for painted wooden shutters to complement your décor.

Natural wood shutters for windows

We offer two types of natural wood shutters for inside your windows: Luxe Wood and American Wood.

You may notice that we don’t offer cedar window shutters. We prefer our range of materials because they combine natural beauty and durability for interior shutters. Our wooden shutters are 100% solid, and they're never hollow or composite, allowing them to withstand the test of time. Our hardwood shutters are smooth, but we also offer a grained option for added texture.

What type of wood is best for internal plantation shutters?

Luxe Wood Shutters

These classic shutters are made from Paulownia - a solid wood with a smooth finish. Our best-selling range, they’re a versatile choice as they come in a range of stains and paint finishes. Alternatively, you can opt for an unfinished set, and they’ll be ready for you to paint or stain yourself. This range has the largest variety of shutter frame styles and frame sizes available. A great choice for solid panels and special shapes.


Wood Stained Shutters

Wood stained shutters are the perfect choice for a more rustic shutter style. Their natural appearance looks great with traditional or farmhouse style décor. Available in our Luxe Wood range.

American Wood Shutters

Proudly American-made, this range crafted from solid Poplar hardwood in our North American facility. The biggest difference between this and classic Paulownia range is the manufacturing time. They're ready to ship in about 3 weeks (subject to shipping conditions), cutting out transit time. This range isn’t available in full height only.

What styles of plantation shutters are available in solid wood?

Choose from our range of indoor shutter styles, whether you’d like solid wooden panels ideal for full height shutters, or wooden louvered café style shutters, each type looks stunning when crafted from our range of natural wooden materials. As shades and appearance can vary on your screens, we encourage you to request some free shutter samples because we want you to find the perfect match for your windows.

Custom wooden interior shutters

Whatever the size of your window, our wooden shutters are built to fit them exactly. Whether you’ve got tricky bay windows or perfect picture windows, we craft our wooden shutters to your window measurements. Once finished, we’ll deliver them to your door, along with all the parts you need to install the shutters. Once your set of DIY wooden shutters arrives, you can follow our easy-to-follow instructions to install them (you can see how to do this with our comprehensive shutter installation videos) 


Sustainable and environmentally friendly wood

You can choose hardwood shutters for your home and rest assured that we do everything we can to minimize the impact to the environment. Our wooden shutter ranges are built from timber that’s sourced from well-managed forests. We handle all waste responsibly, recycling as much of our packaging as possible. As usual, our imported ranges are shipped by sea, helping to reduce emissions, and our American-made ranges are crafted and delivered directly to your door, reducing road miles to depots, warehouses and shops.


Ready to get custom wooden shutters for the windows in your house? 

We also offer an affordable Polywood and Fauxwood range ideal for steamy or damp locations like bathrooms.

Question iconCommon questions answered 

Are wooden shutters better than vinyl?

It depends on the look you want to achieve and where your shutters are going. In kitchens and bathrooms, for example, a waterproof vinyl may be a better option, while in living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms, beautiful wooden shutters can add a touch of class.

Do wooden shutters warp?

Wooden shutters that are built from high quality timber and crafted using premium coating will withstand high heat and direct sunlight without warping. Find out more by reading our ‘Ask Yasmeen’ blog. 

Which wood is best for window shutters?

We use Poplar for our American Wood range and Paulownia for Luxe Wood. Both are durable, lightweight, and great to work with. Want us to pick a favourite? Sorry, but we love them both equally.

DIY or installed wooden shutters?

At The Shutter Store US, we offer DIY wooden shutters in a range of wood finishes and styles. DIY Shutters are more affordable, saving you up to 40% when compared to plantation shutter installation companies, but they don't compromise on quality. Manufactured using the best quality wood materials, you can be sure that they'll last for years to come. 

Buy DIY wooden shutters

Look at our gallery to get inspiration for pictures of interior wooden shutters in all kinds of stains and wood finishes. If you're ready to order your wood shutters, shop our wooden shutter styles here.