Our Eco Shutters

Our plantation shutters are ‘planet friendly’ – at no extra cost

We are committed to being environmentally responsible in all areas of our business. Our timber and vinyl materials buying policy and buying standards fall in line with this ethos. 

At The Shutter Store we choose to offer a range of materials from which your shutters can be made. Whether choosing our American Polyvinyl, our Affordable Fauxwood shutters or any of our range of hardwoods, we endeavor to ensure that the materials we use do the minimum amount of harm to the environment. 

For us, purchasing timber that is sourced from forests that replant is a must. Handling waste or the by products of manufacture in a sensible way is how we operate. Trying, where possible, to manufacture close to our customers or delivering shutters in the most economical way we can is how we thrive as an eco friendly business - all of what we do is aimed at being a good 'Green' business.

Wooden shutters keep your house warm

Thermal image

Studies have shown that wooden shutters can help insulate your home – keeping heat in and bills down (good to know when fuel costs are rising).

In fact, Edinburgh World Heritage discovered that you could almost completely stop heat leaking through large Victorian and Georgian windows just by closing the shutters at dusk. They used a thermal imaging camera to show where heat was escaping from a house – the hot areas showed up red and colder ones in blue.

In the thermal image to the left, you can see how little heat is leaking upstairs when the shutters are closed – compared with how much is being lost downstairs when the shutters are wide open.

The UK's BBC News even covered the story, reporting that closed wooden shutters ‘act like double glazing’.

Our packaging is 75% recyclable

Let’s all do our bit for the planet! Once you unpack your shutters, you’ll be able to recycle the cardboard packaging, which is great news for you – and the environment.