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Attic Shutters

Attics and shutters are a match made in heaven. Unlike other loft window treatments, shutters are fuss-free, hardwearing, and can work wonders with managing light. 


Why choose attic window shutters?

If you have a converted loft or a room in the roof, you’ll know that finding stylish dormer window treatments is far from simple. Dormer window curtains, are fiddly and expensive and usually require specific dormer curtain poles, while blinds tend to be plain and functional. The story is much the same for dressings for skylights or roof windows too. This is where loft window plantation shutters come into their own.

The benefits of attic and loft dormer window shutters

Made to measure shutters

With loft shutters you get a window treatment that’s made to fit, even if you have a round attic window, or an awkward dormer. What’s more, you can choose from a range of colors to ensure your shutters match perfectly with your attic d├ęcor.

Let in the light

Apart from the customized fit, one of the reasons customers love our loft shutters is because they are flexible with light. Where dormer curtains and blinds are either open or shut, shutters let you enjoy the middle ground. You can close them to sleep, you can open them in the morning, but you can also angle the slats to create more ambient light levels, whenever you like.

All-weather window treatment

We all know that attics have a tendency to be swelteringly hot in summer and shiver-inducing in the winter. Believe it or not, shutters can help with this problem too.
As wooden shutters cover the whole window they can reduce draughts and keep in the heat during the cold months. When summer arrives, you can open your window and close the shutters. This stops the sun streaming in, and lets fresh air circulate through the slats. Bliss.
If you like the idea of dormer window shutters, but aren’t sure where to start, we can help.

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Question iconCommon questions answered 

Can you fit shutters to a dormer window?

Yes. As our shutters are made to fit your exact measurements, they will work in a range of dormers, including box dormers, hipped dormers, gable dormers, eyebrow dormers and arched dormers.

Can I use shutters on a round loft window?

Our shutters work with a range of special shapes and sizes. It’s just important to get the measurements right.