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Our Shutters

For advice on shutters call us on 888-753-8290 or see our Contact Us page.

We have several ranges and design options to meet your needs, whatever your style. Certain features come with a surcharge, but not to worry - there are no hidden costs.

Once you've had a look at our ranges below, be sure to visit the Measuring Guides page. Our easy-to-follow measuring guides make DIY quick and easy. To ensure optimal light blockage, our shutters are manufactured to have slats close flat in the upwards direction only. 

Our Plantation shutter materials

Luxe-PVC-Shutters.jpgLuxe Polyvinyl
Our Luxe Polyvinyl shutters look just like wood, and they’re 100% waterproof – but that’s not all. We've reinforced the stiles and louvers with an aluminum core to make them stronger and more durable. Plus, they’re UV, humidity, and termite-resistant – and they’re super easy to clean!
Luxe-Wood-Shutters.jpgLuxe Wood
Manufactured from sustainable Paulownia timber, our bestselling and most customizable shutters, Luxe Wood, has a fine, knot-free grain. This makes them durable, versatile, and roughly 30% lighter than most other hardwood shutters. If you need shutters for a larger window or door, these are the ones.

American-Vinyl-Shutters.jpgAmerican Vinyl
Our American Vinyl shutters have the look and feel of a smooth finished hardwood with no visible grain. They’re great insulators and block out street-level noise. They’re also water-resistant, making them durable and very easy to clean. And because we manufacture in North America, delivery times are super short.

American-Wood-Shutters.jpgAmerican Wood
A high-quality product doesn’t have to mean a high price tag. We make our American Wood shutters from the finest, most durable poplar hardwood. So, you can enjoy your beautiful shutters for years to come. And because they’re made in North America, we save on shipping costs – savings we pass directly onto you.

American-Wood-Core-Shutters-(3).jpgAmerican Wood Core
With a lead time of just a couple of weeks, these North American-made shutters have a wood core running through the vinyl stiles and rails for added stability and energy efficiency. Easy to clean, waterproof, and excellent value for money, they’re a great all-rounder. Plus, with the Federal Energy Tax Credits Scheme, you can claim back up to $1,200 of your order.

eco-friendly-our-shutters-page-kraken.jpgEco Wood
These sleek, North American-made, hardwearing shutters are manufactured using the finest-quality wood composites. They’re super environmentally friendly too, using up to 95% of fast-growing trees from well-maintained forests. Stylish, durable, and sustainable, they offer the same look and feel of hardwood shutters, with an eco-friendly edge.