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Why Choose DIY Shutters?

We often receive calls from customers who would love shutters but have concerns about either the price or the level of Do it Yourself (DIY) skill necessary to achieve the look they want. So why should you pick self-install DIY wood shutters over the other types, and what are the options available to you? 


There are three main types of shutters available in the US:

1.      Custom made measure and install shutters 

A Shutter Expert comes to your home to measure for and install your shutters. This is the most expensive option on the market as you will incur additional costs for measuring and fitting. It's why we believe DIY wooden shutters are the way to go.

2.      Big Box ready made stock shutters 

Probably the cheapest option, big box DIY stores offer pre-made shutters off the shelf. Because there is no such thing as a standard sized window, these stock DIY window shutters almost always require modifications to the shutters and/or the window recesses.

3.      Custom made DIY plantation shutters 

Of course, we may be biased, but we think self install plantation shutters are the perfect compromise between the two. You measure your windows and fit them yourself, saving 40% compared to measure and fit services, making them an affordable window shutters option. And with our friendly team of experts and easy-to-follow guides and templates, you'll be surprised at just how simple it is!

Or for the very brave we should add…

4.      Build your own DIY Shutters for windows!

This is not for the feint of heart. Only the true DIY expert shout attempt to build their own shutters. Not only does this require assembling approximately 80 pieces per shutter, but each of these has to be made by hand. If this is the road you choose to walk down, we wish you good luck. Godspeed!

DIY Shutters

We are biased of course, but we think this is the perfect compromise. You measure your windows, we supply instructions and templates to help you get it right, and then you order your DIY shutters online. We still provide all the expert advice and assistance you could possibly need. Give us a call to discuss the best style for your window, how to measure, frame profiles, slat widths, shutter colors, and hinges. 

We only start to make your custom DIY plantation shutters once all the details have been confirmed by you. Then in 4-7 weeks, (depending upon the range you select) we deliver them to your door. 

With a drill and a hammer you assemble your made to measure frame, fit it to your window and connect the pre-fitted hinges on the shutters to the ones on the frame, and you’re done. 

In Summary 

With DIY Shutters you get custom shutters for a fraction of the cost of Measure and Install ones. All you need to do is measure your windows and do some assembly when your shutters arrive. And remember, our expert team and online tools are here to help you every step of the way.