Why Choose DIY Shutters?

We often receive calls from customers who would love shutters but have concerns about either the price or the level of Do it Yourself (DIY) skill necessary to achieve the look they want. So why should you pick self-install DIY shutters over the other types available, and what are the options available to you anyway? 


There are three main types of shutters available in the US:

1.      Custom made measure and install shutters (from Big Box stores or local retailers) 

2.      Big Box ready made stock shutters 

3.      Custom made DIY shutters 

Or for the very brave we should add…

4.      Build your own from scratch!

Custom Made Measure and Install Shutters 


Measure and Install Shutters are fabulous. In fact our sister company in the UK provides this. A Shutter Expert comes to your home, shows you samples, provides advice on the best type of shutters for your window, and measures your window openings. They then calculate the exact dimensions for your shutters, place the order for you and in about 10 weeks, depending on the company, the fitting team will come out and install the shutters for you.  

If the Sales Guy really knows their Shutters, and the price works for you (this is the downside – the price of fitted shutters is often very high), then this is certainly the easiest option, you just sit back and let the fitters do their thing. All you need to do is write the (large) check! 



Big Box Ready Made Shutters 


Big box DIY stores offer probably the cheapest shutters available. You can often buy pre-made shutters off the shelf at Home Depot, Lowes or even Amazon (other big box stores are available!) and take them home the same day.  

Because there is no such thing as standard sized windows, purchasing stock shutters means you would have to make modifications to these shutters and the window opening. This often leads to major modifications and more money spent by you. For a competent DIY fan with lots of time and appropriate tools this is a simple job. 

You can be a little limited in terms of how you mount the shutters as internal mounts (inside the window reveal) need shutters which are sized exactly to your windows. If you need to cut the shutters to fit, it does get more complex, so unless you are happy with a non-custom look you, have all the right tools (ex: circular saw) and confident DIY skills, this may be an option for you.



DIY Shutters


We are biased of course, but we think this is the perfect compromise. You measure your windows, we supply instructions and templates to help you get it right, and then you order your shutters online. We still provide all the expert advice and assistance you want and need. Give us a call to discuss what styles are best for your window, where and how you should measure, what frame profile and shutter slat width will give you the best results, what color to pick and even which color hinges you’d like. 

We only start to make your custom shutters once all the details have been confirmed by you. Then in 4-7 weeks, (depending upon the range you select) we deliver them to your door. 

With a drill and a hammer you assemble your made to measure frame, fit it to your window and connect the pre-fitted hinges on the shutters to the ones on the frame, and you’re done. 


Build your own Shutters 


Building your own shutters from scratch really is only for the expert DIY fan. There are generic guides available online, but to make a set of adjustable shutters you will need to assemble around 80 pieces for each shutter, before making your frame and fitting to your window. That’s something we’re going to leave to our expert manufacturing team!  


In Summary 


Measure and Install Shutters are custom shutters created especially for you and you don’t have to do any work other than making coffee for the fitters. However you are paying for the service so this option is not cheap.

Big Box Ready Made Shutters are available immediately and can be fitted by those with confident DIY skills, lots of time on their hands and the right tools. Getting a custom look and a flawless fit will take some time and there will be extra costs for the hardware, lumbar and paint. 

With DIY Shutters you get custom shutters for a fraction of the cost of Measure and Install ones. All you would need to do, with the help of our shutter experts and online tools, is measure your windows and do some assembly when your shutters arrive. 


Build your own Shutters - only for the very brave!