Tips for Refreshing Your Shutters

Yasmeen 12/20/2021 2:18:25 PM Inspiration

The right window treatments can really brighten up a room! Yellowing or fading blinds or curtains can make a room feel dreary. Hollow vinyl shutters or composite wood shutters may not hold up to the test of time. Maybe it’s time to revamp your window treatments to bring your room back to life. Plantation shutters from The Shutter Store are built to last and rarely need any retouching or maintenance.


Vinyl Shutters

Our vinyl shutters are comprised of 100% solid polyvinyl with an aluminum core for added durability and longevity. With our minimum 7 layers of paint mixed with UV protectant and sealant, they are sure to stay as bright and polished as day one, for years to come!

Our shutters are warrantied against cracking, peeling, yellowing or fading. Super easy to clean, all you need is a damp rag to dust them and have them looking as good as new. Though damage is rare, because the material is so tough, any adjustments you may need to do over time are super quick and easy.

We make it easy to adjust your hinges, magnets, slat tension, and even repair a loose slat pin or tilt rod. Check out our quick maintenance videos that show these common adjustments to restore your vinyl shutters to day-one quality.

Maintenance Videos >>


Wooden Shutters

Our wooden shutters are also 100% solid, source from the finest quality poplar wood. We do not use composite materials, which are compressed particles and tend to be lighter in weight and less durable. Also painted with 7-layers minimum of our UV-protected and sealed paint, they are covered by the same warranty as our polyvinyl shutters.

All you need to do to keep your wooden shutters in great shape is keep them away from moisture. If they get condensation or water exposure, be sure to dry them off, and clean them using a dry feather duster or microfiber cloth to prevent warping.

Though wood is more prone to scratches or dings from, for example, an excited dog peeking out at the mailman – it is super easy to sand to a smooth finish and touchup using the matching paint provided in your shutter hardware kit.

Other common adjustments like tightening the slat tension take as little as a minute, following our maintenance videos.

Modern Design Options

If you currently have older traditional / colonial style shutters, it may be time for an upgrade to a more modern design.

Wider shutter panels and wider slats on plantation shutters allow more light to enter through your shutters when you have your slats open and can brighten up the room as there is less solid material and more open clean lines.

The hidden tilt rod option eliminates the bar that you may traditionally see down the middle of each shutter panel, for an even more clear view and modern look.


Our shutters have magnets recessed into the back of each panel which catch onto a metal plate on your shutter frame to keep the panels closed. This is a more subtle and hidden locking mechanism versus older shutters with knobs, latches, or large block magnets.

With a variety of frame styles, you can hang your shutters as panels only, or with a minimal profile L-Frame, or add the look of a decorative or crown molding with our z-frames or Deco Frames.

Choosing the Right Frame >>

Reviving Color / Repainting Shutters

Whatever your décor style and color scheme, we can offer a custom shutter to match. We have a wide range of paint colors in both our polyvinyl and wooden ranges.

Our Classic Poplar and American Hardwood ranges have the most variety of paint colors and frame styles to choose from, as well as multiple stain color options.

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With a custom color matching option in Classic Poplar Hardwood, your color choices are endless. Give us the color code from any current Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams color, or send us your color swatch, and for a surcharge we can match any paint color if you don’t find one of our standard color options to be a perfect fit.

You can also order raw unfinished wooden shutters to stain yourself or have them unfinished and primed, so they are ready for painting yourself.

If you are looking to change up the color of your existing shutters, this can take a bit of effort but is definitely doable for the experienced DIY-er.


If you are looking for a modern window upgrade with countless style options as well as practical features – plantation shutters are a home improvement that can truly keep up with the times!

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