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What happens with my window measurements?

Yasmeen 3/27/2020 11:43:39 AM Ask Yasmeen
Our “Ask Yasmeen” posts will tackle some of the most frequently asked questions about plantation shutters.

Today’s question is: What happens with my window measurements?

Measuring for DIY shutters is quite straightforward. If you follow the quick steps outlined in our measuring guides, you will be sure to have a successful installation.

Every order is reviewed by one of our shutter experts, and nothing goes into production until you have verbally reviewed the order with us and confirmed a final copy of the order with your finished dimensions.

But what happens with the measurements you input on our website when you place your order? The answer depends on whether you are doing an inside mount or outside mount.

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Inside Mount

Do I provide exact dimensions?

For inside mount shutters, measure your window width and height in 3 spots to check for any variance. Most windows are not perfectly level or square, and that is okay.

Place your order using the exact, smallest width and height from the 3 measurements you took.

Will you take a deduction?

If your shutters are the exact size of your window opening, they can be too snug. A tight fit can result in the panels not closing properly, or you may have to sand down the shutters or your window opening to get the shutters to slide into the recess.

For this reason, we advise a 1/8” deduction, that we can take for you on our end. This will be discussed with your assigned shutter expert during the verbal review of your order. In some cases, depending on how much variance you have in your window, we may suggest only a 1/16” deduction.

Of course, if you prefer to keep the measurements exact, or you have already taken your own deduction, just let us know, and we will leave them exact.

Inside Mount Measuring Guide >>

inside-mount-wooden-shutters.pngInside Mount wooden shutters

Outside Mount

Do I include the frame in my measurements?

For outside mount shutters, we ask that you provide us with the outside, finished dimensions, including the shutter frame. You will find the specs for each available frame in our measuring guides, and these need to be accounted for in your final dimensions.

We never want to make any assumptions, so we do not automatically add the frame for you.
This is because some windows have an existing trim, which you may want to fully or partially cover. Some windows have rounded corners that you want the shutter frame to surpass so it lays on a flat surface. Others are just a flat drywall with a 90-degree corner, so all you have to do is add the width of the frame to your window size.

The measurements you provide will be treated as the outside finished sizes, with the frame included.

Should I add any extra for wiggle room?

You don’t have to, but it doesn’t hurt to add an extra 1/8” or so on each side to prevent the shutter frame from overlapping your window opening or any obstructions or trim that you are mounting around.

We will always confirm how you measured during the verbal review with a shutter expert, so not to worry. We will never put an order into production until we are sure the measurements correctly reflect the finished sizes you need.

If you have accidentally provided us the window measurements for an outside mount or want us to adjust your measurements for wiggle room, we can always still revise the dimensions and send you a new invoice to confirm.

Outside Mount Measuring Guide >>

outside-mount-cafe-style-shutters.pngOutside mount café style shutters


The Shutter Store Promise

The extra step of a confirmation call with a shutter expert sets us apart from our competition and filters out any potential red flags that could cause you an issue with your installation. Your shutters will be cut to the precise measurements you confirm after this phone call.

We are here with you every step of the way. From design to installation, you are never on your own!

best-customer-service-for-shutters-review.pngTake it from our loyal customers like Alex! We are here for you.

Getting ready to measure windows for interior shutters, but not sure where or how to measure? Just email us a picture of your window opening for advice.

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This post was brought to you by Yasmeen, one of The Shutter Store USA's experienced shutter consultants. Contact our team today for advice on your shutters. We're here to help!