Will My Interior Shutters Fade?

Yasmeen 12/4/2020 9:23:40 AM Benefits of Shutters
Plantation shutters are the ultimate window treatment for protecting your home from harsh outdoor elements. They insulate against extreme heat or cold, keeping the room temperature stable and saving you money on heating and cooling energy.

When choosing plantation shutters, it is important to find fade resistant shutters that last in the sun and won’t fade in any climate, regardless of what direction your windows are facing or how intense the summer sun or winter cold gets.

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Fade-proof Shutters

Our shutters are painted with a minimum 7 layers of paint, mixed with UV protectant and sealant so they can face up to high heat and direct sunlight without fading.

We know finding just the right color is not easy – once you’ve ordered your samples and settled on the perfect material and color for just the right match to your home décor, you want to be sure that the color will look the same for years to come!

We have a wide range of colors from Bright White to Black Panther, and we take these extra steps in the manufacturing process so you can rest easy that your white shutters won’t yellow over time, and your black shutters won’t fade.

This applies to both vinyl painted shutters and wooden painted or stained shutters. Just as our solid materials won’t crack or warp in the sun, our paint won’t chip, peel, crack or discolor. This is all covered in our 3-year warranty for all our products.


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Shutters for All Climates

We provide shutters to customers from coast to coast throughout the contiguous United States, and we also have a sister company that provides shutters to U.K. customers, so we pride ourselves in ensuring that our shutters will survive a wide range of climates.

As mentioned above, shutters are for more than just privacy as window covering. They also block allergens and insulate the home. They are meant to last as a long-term fixture in your home, unlike some curtains that will fade, or blinds that will become brittle after long-term exposure to extreme heat or cold.

Whether you have extreme changes in temperature and humidity from season to season, or have a consistently dry climate, our happy customers from Seattle, to Phoenix, to Orlando can vouch for the longevity of our shutter colors over time.


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For elegance that does not fade, plantation shutters are the ultimate window covering for both form and function! Contact our shutter experts by phone, online chat, or email with any questions on designing your perfect shutters.


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