The Best Soundproof Window Coverings


Aside from providing privacy, elegant style, blocking harsh sun, and insulating the home, did you know plantation shutters also reduce noise? When it comes to soundproof window coverings, shutters beat blinds, curtains or shades, hands-down! Thicker, more durable, and easier to maintain, plantation shutters are an affordable and multi-functional solution to reduce outside noise levels.  

Do plantation shutters help with noise reduction?

If you are struggling to focus while working in your home office because of outside noises including traffic and road noise, you are not alone. Or perhaps you wish your bedroom were quieter in the morning, especially if you work a late or overnight shift. These common annoyances can be eased by quality window covering. 

Our wooden shutters are comprised of solid hardwood. The shutters’ thickness and density provide natural soundproofing. Even our polyvinyl shutters are solid, with an aluminum core providing a thick barrier to the outdoor elements including sun, harsh temperatures, and road noises.  

Blinds tend to be thin and not as durable nor as effective in sound reduction. Drapes and shades are made of porous fabrics and are less successful at insulating and soundproofing. To add a delicate and soft touch to your design, you could always pair a sheer curtain or a valance with your plantation shutters.  

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Noise Cancelling Shutters 

Louvered shutters have slats that can be rotated up and down to control the amount of light and privacy for each window in your home. When the slats are fully closed (with the slats overlapping closed flat in the upwards direction), louvered shutters can provide the insulation and soundproofing you desire.  

For a noise blocking window treatment that also offers maximum privacy, we recommend our solid panel shutters. With a decorative raised profile, solid panel shutters look stunning and block the most sunlight and noise of any window covering. This can be especially desirable for several rooms in the house:  

Shutters are often used to fill open loft spaces or openings between rooms, such as between a living room and a kitchen, or blocking an upstairs room with a loft space overlooking the downstairs. This is a stylish way to add privacy and keep the activities and noise out in between rooms.  

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Even windows with double paned glass can still benefit from an added layer of defense with plantation shutters. Even more so for older homes without the thicker glass, plantation shutters provide much-needed relief from harsh elements and outdoor noises.  

Why DIY Noise Reducing Shutters?  

Do-it-yourself measure and install saves you an average of 40% making plantation shutters an affordable solution that will benefit your home in several ways:  

  • Soundproofing 

  • Increased property value 

  • Decreased heating and cooling costs 

  • Hypoallergenic 

  • Easy to clean 

Aside from their functional benefits, shutters are stylish and can be customized to fit any style:  

  • Solid hardwood or waterproof polyvinyl 

  • A variety of styles (Full height, café, tier on tier, special shapes, solid) 

  • 4 slat sizes to choose from 

  • Multiple paint, stain, and hinge colors available 

  • Custom color matching available 

  • Simple and sleek to ornate and decorative frame styles 

  • Several tilt rods options 

  • Colonial and traditional to modern and contemporary style options  

We recommend ordering up to 4 of our free samples to view the shutter material and colors in person to see what the best match for your home will be.  


Full height and full solid raised styles will be the best at reducing noise.  

Getting Started 

After choosing your shutter style, you will be able to choose your material and then configure your custom shutters in 4 easy steps. Our design and ordering page has helpful information and videos to walk you through every step.  

A great place to start is with our measuring guides, as an optimal way to get the easiest installation, plus the most insulation and noise reduction, is a well-fitting shutter.  

You can always call, email, or chat with our shutter experts. Send a photo of your window if you have any questions or get stuck at any point along the way. We are here to help!  

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