Kids Bedroom Shutters – What to Consider

Yasmeen 8/21/2020 9:30:16 AM Benefits of Shutters
Plantation shutters are a kid friendly window treatment ideal for your child’s bedroom. Block out morning sun to let the little one sleep easy or let the sun flood in during play time. Plantation shutters are a practical, durable, child safe window treatment.

Here are some factors to consider when designing custom kids’ window shutters.

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Children Room Ideas

Curtains & Blinds vs. Shutters

Plantation shutters eliminate any dangling or dragging fabric or cords hanging from the window, making them ultimately a safer choice for your children’s bedroom window treatment than curtains or blinds.

Shutters are also much easier to clean than other window treatments. Simply wipe with a duster or soft cloth – no fabric to launder, or strings to get in the way of cleaning in between the slats.

Opt for a hidden tilt rod for an even smoother surface to clean and eliminate the temptation of playing with the central tilt rod!


Best window treatments for kids’ room

When comparing window treatment options, another benefit to plantation shutters is that they are the most allergy-friendly window treatment.

Blinds and curtains collect dust, and pet hair has a way of clinging to curtains. Shutters have a smooth, easy to clean surface that does not hold on to dust and dander. They also create an insulative barrier to the outdoors reducing dust and allergens outside from entering the home.



You can’t go wrong with either wooden shutters or interior faux wood shutters for your kids’ room. All our materials are 100% solid which means a durable, long-lasting product.

Wooden shutters are easier to repair, as our 100% solid hardwood can be sanded to a smooth finish and touched up with the paint provided in your hardware kit. Dings or scratches are no problem.

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Vinyl shutters are tougher to sand or repair as the polyvinyl is a rougher material. However, it is very hard to dent or scratch our polyvinyl shutters with aluminum core – making them even heavier than a wooden shutter.


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For both wood and vinyl shutters, we have spring-loaded pins that hold the slats in place, making them easy to repair or replace without having to re-order new shutters.


Shutter Style

A lot of customers will want black out shutters to keep their children’s room dark until it is time to wake up. For this, the best style is full height shutters.

Full height shutters also offer the most privacy when the panels are closed. You can add a mid-rail to have separate control of the upper and lower slats.

With a mid-rail, you could keep the bottom slats closed for privacy, while the upper slats are open to let sunlight into the room. Open both sections for maximum sunlight, or close both sections for maximum light blockage and privacy.

Our slats close flat in the upwards direction offering optimum privacy, letting you peek out without others peeking in!

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Shutter Color

All our shutter ranges offer neutral colors from Bright White to Grey, as well as stain colors in our wooden shutter ranges.

If you are looking for a more bold or vibrant color, check out our Designer Collection with fun shades like Claret Red and Peacock. The Designer Collection is available in our standard satin finish, or a high gloss finish.

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Or wooden shutters are available unfinished if you wish to use your own stain color. You can also get them unfinished & primed for painting to use your own paint.

We also offer custom color matching in the Classic Poplar Hardwood range. You can provide us the color code from any current Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams color deck or send us a sample of the color you would like us to match.


Custom color shutters for kids’ bedroom
Stylish, strong, and easy-to-clean, plantation shutters truly are the best window treatments for your kids’ room. They are a staple fixture in your home that will see your child from a baby through to a young adult. Check out our DIY guides to see how easy it is to measure, design, install and maintain shutters!

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