How to make your home warm and cozy

The Shutter Store 12/14/2016 10:15:48 AM Home Decor and Design, Inspiration, Seasonal

Beat the chill this winter. Find out how to prep every room for the holiday season with our fabulous decorating ideas, clever ways to insulate windows and heat-boosting solutions

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Brighten up

Create the right atmosphere with color. A few hits of a hot or sunny shade will transform a room scheme – especially if you’ve majored in (beautiful but cool) white up to now. Where to use tropical color? It looks great on shutters, of course, and will make these warm window coverings eye-catching features as well. Try hot shades for upholstery, too, and repeat in smaller pieces such as throw pillows and decorative accessories.

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Warm up floors

You may love your beautiful wood floors in summer, but in winter a little layering on top is required. Opt for area rugs to create softness and warmth underfoot and be generous when you’re picking a size. Use them for seating areas, beneath the dining table and chairs, and either side of the bed so you can step on to a warm surface in the mornings.

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Indulge in different textures

Surround yourself with warming materials to transform the atmosphere of living spaces. Linens and cottons are ideal in the spring and summer months but when the winter holiday season hits, launder and stow designs in these fabrics. For the right vibe dress sofas and chairs with throws in wool. Chunky knits look great, as do patterns featuring shades from the warm side of the color wheel. Have them ready to grab when you’re sitting down to watch a movie, too. 

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Create floral displays

Trees, wreaths and garlands will make your home look beautiful for the holidays, but don’t forget the power of a simple floral display. Blooms like amaryllis are a winter favourite, but any flower in a seasonal red will pack a punch. There’s no need to go for a complicated arrangement, either. Just show off your floral display against a dark backdrop and it’ll pop.

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Get clever with light

Pools of light make for an intimate feel and a warm atmosphere, so make sure you have plenty of light sources in your living spaces rather than relying on a single pendant or chandelier for the whole room. Add table and floor lamps that throw out light over a single armchair by the fireplace, or that encircles a seating area. Max out on candles and lanterns as well. Nothing beats the softly flickering light for coziness.

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Get insulation for windows

Keep the cold outside and the warmth in by paying attention to window treatments. Insulated shutters for windows look great and stop heat leaking out when you close them at dusk – saving money as well as giving you interiors that are wonderfully warm.

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Layer bed linens

Coziness is in the eye as well as other senses so dress your bed for the winter months and it’ll make your bedroom a haven from the cold weather. A combination of quilts, coverlets, blankets and throws layered on top of the bedding can turn your bed into a comfort zone. Don’t forget, as with your living spaces, it’s winter-appropriate texture that is required. When it comes to color, an injection of orange, pink or red might be just right, or try the rich jewel-like shades that suit the season beautifully.