10 budget farmhouse home decor ideas you've got to try!

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At The Shutter Store, we are all about budget-friendly DIY home decor ideas. That’s why we love the emerging trend of farmhouse style decor. Clean, cozy, and affordable, farmhouse style is growing in popularity with savvy homeowners. We’ve put together some of our favorite ways to decorate your own farmhouse style home on a budget.

10 Budget Farmhouse Home Decor Ideas

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1. Reclaimed wooden ladders

Both environmentally-friendly and cost-effective, reclaimed wood can be made into a ladder-style bookshelf or photo shelf. With narrower rungs, they can be used as a towel rack for the bathroom, or blanket rack for the family room. We love this!

2. DIY farmhouse canisters on a budget

White canisters labeled with fonts that almost look handwritten are a staple of farmhouse decor and they're so simple and affordable to make at home. For a more personalized selection that’s easy on the pocketbook, dollar store or thrift store canisters can be painted and stenciled with your own labels or your favorite inspirational quote.

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3. Chalkboard paint farmhouse home decor ideas

Chalkboard paint is another way to create labels on your existing kitchen-ware, again super affordable and creates such great impact. Use chalkboard paint to revamp an old picture frame, bulletin board, or planter. Perfect for a message board, or add your favorite saying. Erase and rewrite to keep your decor current without having to purchase anything new. Simple as that!

4. Affordable shutters for a farmhouse look 

Interior shutters are the perfect window covering for your farmhouse style home, and a lot of people don't know that by cutting out the middleman and doing your own measure and install, it will save you hundreds of dollars and make your dream shutters an attainable reality. We advise our customers on which shutter style is right for their needs - they offer varying levels of privacy, insulation, light and noise blockage, paired with style and elegance.

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5. DIY sliding barn door on a budget

Switch your doorways from the standard hinged open-and-close style, to the farmhouse-trendy sliding barn door style and easily convert your door to hang on a sliding track and move from side to side to create a farmhouse feel. Use solid panel shutters as a room divider to separate rooms where there is no doorway.

6. Shutter panels as cabinet doors or closet doors

We've spotted so many of our customers ordering our affordable shutters to achieve this look. Shutters are not just for your windows, as farmhouse style homes will show us over and over. Shutters are being used to create farmhouse style cabinet doors and closet doors. Often, they are used on walls without any windows to create the look of a window on the other side, and we think they look amazing! The example below cost under $150!

Pic credit: The Learner Observer

7. DIY Home Decor Grain Sack Pillows

Farmhouse decor is all about hessian materials and natural linens, so how about converting a grain sack material into throw pillows to match your farmhouse style decor? Stencils are your friend for this project, and all materials needed are readily available and affordable at your local craft stores. It could make a fun weekend project. 
8. Mason Jars for Home Decor on a Budget

You’ll be hard-pressed to scroll through any home decor social media feed without finding a new way to use mason jars. We love them here at The Shutter Store! Mason jars are one of the of the most versatile and affordable items to keep handy for any DIY project. Turn them into planters or hanging lanterns for a fun addition to your farmhouse kitchen or bathroom.

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Pic credit: One little bird blog

9. Recycle wood pallets to turn into farmhouse decor

Isn't this neat?! Add your own hooks to an existing wood pallet, and it becomes hanging wall organization for your farmhouse style home. Hang your keys or dog leashes, or display your favorite coffee mugs. We love this eco-friendly, affordable home hack.

10. Wooden Crates for Farmhouse Style Organization

You just can't go wrong with wooden crates. Combining many elements from the ideas listed above, wooden crates are a perfect way to keep your farmhouse home organized. Use them to display your mason jar planters, label them with chalkboard paint or stencils to create custom storage bins, or stack them to create a DIY bookshelf.

We hope you enjoyed this post. At The Shutter Store our goal is to simplify your DIY projects for your home, saving you time and money. For expert advice on shutters to complete your farmhouse decor project, call or email us. We're only a phone call away to help!


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