Covering Sash and Casement Windows

Yasmeen 4/28/2022 11:22:36 AM Ask Yasmeen, Shutter Styles
Shutters are a popular window treatment dating back many years but remain a current and coveted trend in home décor and window covering. Our custom shutters have so many versatile options you can choose from to ensure they are a perfect fit for anything from your old windows to new windows, Victorian or Colonial style windows, high ceiling windows, dormer windows and more.

Our most frequent questions from customers include what style shutters and what framing options work best on sash windows and casement windows.


What are sash windows?

Sash windows are held in place by a frame and generally are double paned, with the windows sliding open, either side to side or up and down inside that frame.

Sash windows often have screens on the outside, and locks on the window frame/track. They are usually recessed into an opening in the wall and are ideal for adding shutters as a versatile window covering.


Can you put shutters on double windows?

Absolutely! Usually an inside mount L-Frame will work if your windows are recessed far enough back. Alternately, an outside mount shutter frame can go right on top of the wall or trim that surrounds the window opening if recess depth is limited, or if the windows tilt in for cleaning.

If you want to cover or hide the divide in between a double hung window that slides vertically up and down, you can choose tier on tier style or full height shutters with a mid-rail.

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For side-by-side double windows, a single shutter frame can surround both windows, with panels hinged separately to each side.

If there is a mullion that you wish to cover, or if the window is very wide and you’d like to split up the weight of the panels, you can add a vertical t-post at the center, or at a specific location to match the structure of the window. This works for triple windows as well!

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What are casement windows?

Casement windows are usually a single pane of glass that swings open toward the exterior of the home.

They often have large handles or cranks to open them, and lever-style locks that require a lot of depth and clearance to open the locks and rotate the cranks.

Sometimes casement windows have screens in front of them as well.


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How do you install shutters on casement windows?

Since there are more components that could potentially interfere with an inside mount installation, casement windows usually are best suited to outside mount shutters.

Inside mount framing could block the rotation of the crank or the use of the locks, unless there is sufficient recess depth remaining in front of these obstructions. If choosing an inside mount shutter frame on a casement window, you will want to print the frame templates from our measuring guides to scale to ensure they do not interfere with the crank or locks.

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Why are shutters the best window covering?

Shutters give you flexible control over privacy, lighting, and style. You can choose your custom dimensions, slat size, tilt rod, color, hinge color, and framing. This ensures that no matter how big or small, how deep or shallow, or how intricate the trim surrounding the window is, we have an option to suit your window!

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Cover just the lower half, the full window, or split the tiers to truly give you custom coverage. Cover even special shape windows like arches, circles, trapezoids, and more.

We have tons to say about why shutters are the best! Call, email, or chat with us with any questions and to get our shutter experts’ recommendations for your specific windows.


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