How Can T-Posts Help with Window Shutters?

Yasmeen 1/24/2020 3:23:02 PM Ask Yasmeen
Our “Ask Yasmeen” posts will tackle some of the most frequently asked questions about plantation shutters.

Today’s question is: How can T-posts help with large window shutters?

T-posts are vertical or horizontal posts that connect to your shutter frame for added support, and they help split up the weight of your shutter panels. This is especially helpful for installing plantation shutters on large windows.

T-Posts are subtle and can be placed at custom locations to match any natural divide in your window openings. They can be added to any shutter style and any material, at no additional charge.

Vertical T-Posts help split up the weight of the shutter panels in this large window opening.

Vertical T-Posts

By adding these to your shutter, you can have separate control of the shutter panels in each section, and some of your panels can be hinged directly to the t-posts.

This way you can use one single frame around an entire double or triple pane window, even if it is separated by mullions. This is a more streamlined look versus having multiple frames side-by-side within a single window opening.

Without T-posts, having your large window shutters bi-fold or tri-fold in each direction leaves a lot weight supported by one set of hinges when those panels are opened, which can result in sagging and difficulty with the panels aligning over time.

A large window such as this one above really benefits from t-posts allowing the 2 outer panels to be hinged separately from the 2 middle panels. Without the t-post these shutter panels would be rather heavy to open and close.

Horizontal T-Posts

Most commonly horizontal T-posts are used to separate an upper and lower tier of shutter panels on tier-on-tier style shutters. Without that horizontal t-post, your upper tier only relies on one set of magnets catching the top frame piece, and your bottom tier only relies on one set of magnets catching the bottom frame piece.

If your window is over 60” X 60”, t-posts are highly recommended for this additional support to both tiers (mainly to prevent the top tier from giving in to gravity and sagging over time).

They can also be used to separate an arched or special shape upper window that shares a frame with a rectangular window below it. This way again you avoid the bulkiness of having two separately framed shutters butting up against one another, and it gives a more seamless look.

Horizontal T-Posts can separate a special shape from a rectangular window below it.

Another use for horizontal t-posts is to provide additional support for tier-on-tier style shutters.

How To Order T-Posts

 Simply add a note on your order form requesting vertical or horizontal t-posts. Our shutter experts will discuss the locations and panel configuration with you when they call to review your order details.
If you want the t-posts evenly positioned to create equal sections so all panels are the same size, just let us know, and we can do the math on our end. If you have specific locations, for example two skinnier windows on the sides of a larger central window, you can provide exact with the exact locations.
For vertical t-posts, measure from the far left (including the left frame piece if you are doing an outside mount) to the center of the t-post location.

darker-interior-shuttesr-with-t-posts.pngSimply measure from the far left, over to the center of the desired t-post location(s).

For horizontal t-posts, measure from the bottom (including the bottom frame piece if you are doing an outside mount) to the center of the t-post location. For tier-on-tier style, this will be the same as the  divide point.

Measure from the bottom up to the center of the desired t-post location.

If you have any questions on how to measure or order your t-posts, or need help deciding if these will help your installation, reach out to our experts today. You can always email a photo of your window to see what our experts recommend.

If you place an order for a window 90” wide or more, chances are your shutter expert will bring t-posts up to you even if you did not add a note. We always recommend this free addition to a large shutter for the longevity and durability of your beautiful new investment!


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