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Can you install plantation shutters to casement windows?

Though it might appear more challenging because of the hardware on a casement window, it is actually quite simple to successfully install plantation shutters on casement windows. All styles (café, full height or tier on tier) and all materials have options that can be custom tailored to fit your casement windows.  


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Covering Sash and Casement Windows

Yasmeen 4/28/2022 11:22:36 AM Ask Yasmeen, Shutter Styles

Shutters are a popular window treatment dating back many years but remain a current and coveted trend in home décor and window covering. Our custom shutters have so many versatile options you can choose from to ensure they are a perfect fit for anything from your old windows to new windows, Victorian or Colonial style windows, high ceiling windows, dormer windows and more.

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DIY Tier on Tier Shutters: The Low Down

Yasmeen 4/8/2022 10:14:36 AM Shutter Styles

Growing in popularity, Tier on Tier shutters combine the features and benefits of Full Height and Café Style shutters. How will you know if Tier on Tier shutters are right for your window? We hope these pros and cons will shed some light on the matter.

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Family Friendly Plantation Shutters

The Shutter Store 11/5/2021 10:46:47 AM Benefits of Shutters, Home Decor and Design, Shutter Styles

Plantation shutters suit all rooms in the home from kitchen to family room to children’s bedrooms. They are child-safe, offer unparalleled privacy, are pet-friendly and super affordable! Shutters also add value to your home and are a sound investment that will last you for years to come.

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Full Height Shutters with Mid Rail

The Shutter Store 10/22/2021 8:26:25 AM Shutter Styles

Adding a mid-rail to your full height shutters can give you some of the same design benefits of café style or tier on tier style shutters. At the same time, you keep the structural benefits and ease of installation of our full height shutters. We try not to play favorites, but you can’t blame us for favoring this popular & functional style!

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Plantation Shutters and Window Sills

Yasmeen 10/8/2021 11:09:30 AM Ask Yasmeen, Buying and Fitting Shutters, Shutter Styles

For windows with a protruding sill or ledge at the bottom, we often get asked how to take this into consideration when ordering custom plantation shutters. Sills do not restrict your ability to install a shutter or even to have a full 4-sided frame around your shutter unit (or 3 sides for café style shutters which leave the top open).

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What are Louvered Shutters?

Yasmeen 4/9/2021 11:24:45 AM Shutter Styles

Louvers refers to the individual slats that open and close giving you control over privacy and light-entry, louvres are also sometimes referred to as just slats. While some plantation shutters are fully solid panels, louvered shutters allow you to let light enter the room or look outside without having to fully opening the hinged shutter panel.

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Why Choose Solid Raised or Shaker Style Shutters?

Yasmeen 3/26/2021 9:13:24 AM Benefits of Shutters, Shutter Styles

Louvered plantation shutters are excellent at light control and have moving slats which can be raised and lowered for your privacy needs or light blockage when needed. However, if you are looking for the shutters that block the most amount of light, provide the most privacy, insulation, and noise reduction, solid panel shutters may be the best option for you!

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What Makes Shaker Style Shutters?

Yasmeen 1/15/2021 9:59:24 AM Shutter Styles

Solid interior shutters are made of solid wooden panels, blocking light, providing insulation, and reducing any external noise! The solid panel shutters on our website feature solid raised panels, with a raised insert and beveled edges creating both dimension and design to the solid panels. By special order, we can also provide shaker style interior shutters! These are a simpler design with clean lines and a flat insert, not raised. The difference is only in the aesthetic preference.

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Finding Shutters for Various Bay Window Styles

Yasmeen 11/27/2020 9:09:49 AM Benefits of Shutters, Shutter Styles

Bay windows come in all shapes and sizes, and luckily, so do our custom made plantation shutters! Our easy-to-follow measuring guides are here to aid you in choosing the best frame type, and to help you in taking accurate measurements for your bay windows.

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What is the best type of wood for wooden shutters?

Yasmeen 9/25/2020 9:30:00 AM Shutter Styles

Wood is a great choice in material for your shutters, it's easy to work with, and easy to adjust during the installation process. They are UV protected and sealed so that they can withstand high heat or direct sunlight, so there is no need to worry about The Shutter Store’s wooden plantation shutters suffering damage in the sun!

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How to choose the height for café style shutters?

Yasmeen 3/20/2020 11:47:17 AM Buying and Fitting Shutters, Shutter Styles

Café style shutters, or otherwise known as half shutters cover only the lower portion of a window opening. They're an ideal option of plantation shutter, promising privacy and beauty whilst still allowing plenty of natural light to enter the room. But how do you choose the height for your cafe style shutters? Here are some common factors to conisder.

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What is the easiest shutter design to install?

Yasmeen 10/24/2019 10:44:26 AM Shutter Styles

DIY shutters are made simple with our guides and helpful shutter experts - both there to give you full guidance on each step. Some shutter designs are easier to install than others, and there's a variety of factors to consider.

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Tier on Tier Shutters vs. Full Height with Divider Rail

Yasmeen 9/13/2019 2:38:26 PM Shutter Styles

There are big advantages that shutters offer over blinds and curtains. Insulation and light control being just a couple of them. We explore tier on tier shutters and full height shutters with a divider rail, which are two of our most popular styles - find out why you might choose one over the other.

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The Pros vs Cons – Café Style shutters

The Shutter Store 7/4/2019 3:59:10 PM Home Decor and Design, Shutter Styles

Café Style shutters are a popular choice, available in both wood and polyvinyl. While they are a versatile design, you may be stuck as to whether this is the best style for your windows, as opposed to Full Height or Tier on Tier style. Here are some factors to consider.

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The Pros vs Cons – Full height shutters

The Shutter Store 6/14/2019 9:42:20 AM Benefits of Shutters, Shutter Styles

The first place to start when you know you'd like to fit shutters to your window, is deciding on a style. Look out for our shutter style guides to help you understand the pros and cons, and make the right decision for your home. First up, full height shutters. 

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Choosing kitchen shutters: What to consider

The Shutter Store 5/29/2019 11:17:33 AM Home Decor and Design, Shutter Styles

Kitchen shutters are the perfect touch to any kitchen remodel. With custom style options to fit any style of décor, from cottage style to modern, wooden plantation shutters offer privacy, light control, and elegance.

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How to choose the right shutter color

The Shutter Store 3/4/2019 4:06:33 PM Home Decor and Design, Inspiration, Shutter Styles

Shutters may have been chosen for their practical benefits in the past, but more recently they are a style statement in any home. If you're considering which shutter colors are right for you, here's our advice...

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How to choose the correct style of shutter for your home

The Shutter Store 2/11/2019 2:27:33 PM Buying and Fitting Shutters, Home Decor and Design, Shutter Styles

Looking for an alternative to curtains and blinds? Shutters are a fantastic choice for many reasons. Read our definitive guide to choosing the right shutters for your light, space and windows. 

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6 living room decor ideas for large spaces

The Shutter Store 8/1/2018 12:09:56 PM Home Decor and Design, Inspiration, Shutter Styles

Big rooms are a welcome feature in a home, but decorating them can be a challenge. Discover how to make the most of a large living room with these décor ideas

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Which slat size is right for my shutters?

The Shutter Store 7/6/2018 8:22:49 AM Benefits of Shutters, Shutter Styles

Our shutters are custom made with slat sizes of your choice. So which should you choose? This guide will give you the lowdown on how to choose the right slat size for you.

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How to Choose the Right Plantation Shutter Color

The Shutter Store 5/17/2018 2:27:37 PM Home Decor and Design, Inspiration, Shutter Styles

Classic white, natural wood tones, color that’s subtle or an attention-grabbing shade? There’s a world of plantation shutter colors to choose from. Use this guide to select the finish that’s best for your room.

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Shutters 101: how to choose, measure and fit

The Shutter Store 4/4/2018 12:15:55 PM Buying and Fitting Shutters, Shutter Styles

Fallen for shutters to dress the windows inside your home? Discover all you need to know about shutter styles, and how to measure and hang them to create a great window dressing at an amazing price

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Real vs vinyl shutters: which is best?

The Shutter Store 3/5/2018 11:09:44 AM Benefits of Shutters, Shutter Styles

Not sure if you should choose wood shutters or a lookalike? Here’s the lowdown on the benefits of real wood, as well as an insight into the plus points of faux wood, so you can make the right choice for every room in your home

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How to clean plantation shutters

The Shutter Store 11/13/2017 4:07:20 PM Benefits of Shutters, Shutter Styles

They’re super-easy to care for, and a little regular maintenance will have them looking brand new every day. Here’s the lowdown on how to clean plantation shutters

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6 new ways with shutters

The Shutter Store 1/10/2017 8:58:21 AM Inspiration, Shutter Styles

2017 is here, so how will the design experts be styling window shutters? Get the lowdown on the late

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Cafe style shutters

The Shutter Store 12/20/2016 1:56:04 PM Benefits of Shutters, Shutter Styles

Cafe style shutters cover only the lower section of your windows. They let in plenty of light and are perfect for rooms at street level, as they prevent passers-by from peering into your home. 

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What Are Plantation Shutters?

The Shutter Store 12/15/2016 3:28:52 PM Benefits of Shutters, Shutter Styles

Plantation Shutters are currently more popular than ever in the US, as homeowners across the country are recognising their potential as a long-term investment to replace traditional blinds and curtains.

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Transform Your Home with American Shutters

The Shutter Store 12/15/2016 3:24:54 PM Home Decor and Design, Shutter Styles

In recent years there has been a steady increase in the adoption of American shutters in homes across the US. These permanent, louvered shutters are fast becoming a go-to solution for homeowners who want an energy-efficient, attractive alternative to curtains and blinds.

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Tier on Tier shutters

The Shutter Store 12/15/2016 3:23:04 PM Benefits of Shutters, Shutter Styles

Tier on tier shutters are the most flexible kind of shutters in our collection. They let you open the top section of shutter panels independently of the lower section. This makes them an ideal choice if you want to maintain privacy but still want to enjoy maximum light in your room. 

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Made To Measure Shutters – The Affordable Solution For Stunning Window Coverings

The Shutter Store 12/15/2016 3:19:05 PM Benefits of Shutters, Buying and Fitting Shutters, Shutter Styles

The benefits of shutters are easy to understand – they are more durable than curtains and more stylish than blinds, they are easy to maintain and they do a great job of helping to insulate a room. What has traditionally held shutters back from widespread usage in this country is the cost of having them made and installed. However, this is now changing, thanks to made to measure shutters.

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Full height shutters - what to consider

The Shutter Store 12/15/2016 2:01:54 PM Benefits of Shutters, Shutter Styles

As the name suggests, these are single, full-height shutters that cover the entire window and open as one unit. They are simple and elegant but give you a dramatic finish. If you’re looking for standard door shutters, or shutters for French doors, this style is also a great choice.

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