How to clean plantation shutters

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A good-looking window treatment solution for every room in your home, plantation shutters are also no trouble to clean. All it takes to ensure they look as good as the moment you hung them? A little regular care and our guide.

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How to keep shutters clean

The best way to clean plantation shutters is to dust the slats regularly to keep them looking their best. Use a cloth that’s clean and dry and that won’t shed fibers. Work from the middle of the slats to the outside and from top to bottom of each window and each shutter panel. A once-weekly clean is all that’s required to maintain plantation shutters.

Do make things quicker when time’s not on your side by closing the slats, then dusting lightly from top to bottom on both sides.

Do use the vacuum cleaner. For shutters, it’s the soft upholstery attachment and the associated power setting you need. Work from top to bottom and center to outer edges in the same way as you would with a cloth.

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Don’t neglect nooks. A soft toothbrush will dislodge dust from corners and a feather duster will extend your reach and is gentle enough for shutters.

Don’t rub hard if there are any smudges or blemishes. Use a damp cloth with only light pressure, and dry with a clean cloth once the problem’s sorted.

Do think about what your shutters are made from. If you’re cleaning wooden shutters, avoid using lots of water or liquid cleaners. Wood that absorbs moisture then dries out can shrink unevenly, causing warping. 

Don’t worry about wiping down our waterproof plantation shutters. These fauxwood shutters – perfect for kitchen and bathroom windows – are made from vinyl that doesn’t warp so a damp cloth will remove any dust without affecting the slats. Dry them with a microfiber cloth for a great finish.

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The best way to clean shutters

Use a specialist shutter cleaning tool. These have a set of evenly spaced dust-removing heads, so they work on several slats in one go for a quicker finish to chores.

Waterproof kitchen and bathroom shutters with sticky spots are simple to restore to their good-as-new state. Just dissolve a few drops of dish detergent in water to create a cleaning solution and wipe down, rinsing as you go. Wipe with clean water to remove any residue and dry with a clean cloth.

To stop dust accumulating, rub a fabric dryer sheet on to both sides of the slats when they’re closed. The sheets are anti static, which means they repel dust particles.

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