Real vs vinyl shutters: which is best?

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Why choose wood shutters?

Wood is strong and durable. Select our high-quality hardwood shutters, and you can be sure they will dress your windows beautifully for many years to come.

Wood has natural beauty that can add both warmth and character to a room. Hung at the window as shutters, it’ll make a noticeable impact on an interior. It’s easy to co-ordinate wood shutters with the other pieces you choose for a room scheme, too. They will look good teamed with wood flooring or carpet, and they’ll sit as comfortably in an interior that features wooden furniture as one featuring manmade materials.

Wood shutters can, of course, be given a painted finish. You’ll still get all the strength and durability benefits of the material, while adding a window treatment that’s subtle in a neutral shade, or that brightens the room if you opt for a clean white finish.

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What are wood shutters made from?

Our wood shutters come in a choice of fabulous woods. Our poplar hardwood is durable and good-looking, and it’s a sustainable wood. You can choose to leave our poplar hardwood shutters in the attractive mid-tone of the natural wood, or pick from a selection of stains, including pale finishes, warm, rich effects and even striking, contemporary darks. On the other hand, the smooth finish of poplar means it provides the perfect surface for paint, if you prefer a painted shutter.

Love wood with visible grain? Opt for premium elm shutters instead. The elm – which is also a hardwood – is both beautiful to look at and to touch because of the natural and unique pattern. Like poplar, elm can be stained in a light, mid or dark tone, or painted in a color from our sophisticated neutral palette.

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Can I use wooden shutters in every room?

Wood shutters can be used in most rooms and situations. They’re a winning choice for living spaces, dining rooms and bedrooms where they’ll look elegant, and add to the selection of materials that give an interior scheme depth.

In humid rooms like kitchens and bathrooms, you might prefer our high-quality vinyl shutters (see below). We offer waterproof designs, so you needn’t worry about them getting splashed – especially if they’re hung near a sink or basin.

Do wooden shutters suit all styles of window?

Wood shutters can be used to dress windows of all sizes, including French doors. They can also be used for unusually shaped windows like arches and sunbursts.

As well as being eminently suitable for plantation shutters, wood’s ideal for the making of solid Shaker shutters. These designs have historic style and outstanding window coverage so you aren’t disturbed by street lighting or early sunrises.

Like the idea of café-style shutters, where only the lower part of the window’s covered, or tier-on-tier shutters for ultimate flexibility when it comes to opening upper and lower panels? Wood looks fabulous in any configuration.

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Faux wood shutters vs wood shutters – how do I pick?

Faux wood shutters are made from vinyl. Inside is an aluminum core that makes them extremely hard wearing. They have an authentic look, so you won’t lose out in the style stakes. On the plus side for wood is its tactility – if it’s feel as well as look that’s important, wood is at the head of the queue.

Vinyl shutters have the advantage when it comes to cost vs wood shutters. They’re a great way to get a wood look when your budget won’t stretch to the natural material.


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