How to Choose the Right Plantation Shutter Color

The Shutter Store 5/17/2018 2:27:37 PM Home Decor and Design, Inspiration, Shutter Styles

Opt for white or neutral colored shutters

White is one of the most enduringly popular of house shutter colors. It’s not hard to see why, either. It looks clean and crisp, it helps reflect light back into the room, maximizing the daylight, and it’s a classic option. If your windows are trimmed in white, it’ll match the windowsill, too.  

For a look that’s contemporary, bright white comes out as a winner, but there are softer and more traditional versions. A silk white finish has the same light-reflective benefits, but the lower shine may be more in keeping with other material styles and finishes in your room scheme.

Want to gently warm up the room with your choice of shutter color? Tones like clotted cream and pearl are just off-white, and avoid any hint of coolness. Of course, because they’re neutrals, like white they won’t cause you any concerns about window dressings clashing with the room’s remaining color palette.

Gray neutrals have been a growing interiors trend and shutters have proved no exception. You could combine shutters in a pale or deep gray – we offer a selection of gray shutter colors – with other gray tones within the room for a look that’s understated but decoratively full of interest.

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Stay natural with wooden shutters

If you like the idea of matching wooden window trim, or want to put the emphasis on natural elements in your interior, a wood stain is a sound alternative to a painted finish. We have a range of tones from the light Scandinavian style of a white wash stain, through pale and medium woods to the unmistakable richness and character of colors such as southern pecan, western walnut and heritage chestnut. The variety means you can match to other wood detail in your room and keep the look more contemporary or complement traditional architecture as you prefer.

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Make a feature of colored window shutters

The shutter color you select can help turn the window into a fabulous focal point for a room. It’s easy to do this by choosing a shutter finish that will create contrast with the walls: for example, if walls are white, shutters in a hue such as blue, yellow or even red will grab attention.

When the shutters contrast with the walls, the shutter color itself needn’t be bold to create this effect – but of course the more standout the shade, the bigger the impact. We can custom color your shutters, so whether vivid or more muted shutters are your preference we can help, and there’s plenty of inspiration in our gallery.

When you’re picking your custom color, don’t forget that the shutter color will strongly influence the mood in the room. For example, spaces where you work or sociable dining areas might benefit from energetic colors such as deep red or orange for shutters. In rooms that require a calmer atmosphere, however, soothing blues or greens can be winning options. Room that feels dreary? What about a sunshine yellow to feel the effects of good weather no matter the season?

An alternative way to make shutters a talking point is to select from our Designer Collection. Here we offer high gloss lacquers as well as a range of fantastic paint finishes. In both pale and dark shades, the shutters will stand out because of their rich shine as well as sophisticated color.

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Link plantation shutter colors to the room scheme

Follow the example of interior designers when you’re choosing the best color for shutters by linking to other elements of the room scheme. For example, if you went for blue shutters in a living space, you might want to repeat the same color with a vase, pillows on the sofa or in a rug laid on the floor.

Equally, the shutter color could repeat a hue that you already included in your room – perhaps they could match kitchen cabinets, repeat the finish of a statement armchair in a den, or take their cue from a tone within a wallpaper pattern. Of course, if you went for white or wood shutters to match window trim then the room’s ingredients have an easy harmony already, and wood shutters can also echo the tone of a floor or furniture for a pulled-together look.


Popular shutter colors for white houses

If you live in a white house, you're lucky as any of our shutter colors will perfectly complement neutral white buildings. Our timeless white, grey and cream shutters will add to the neutral appearance. If you're looking for a more unique home interior, our colored shutter finishes will add a lively touch to your home.