Full height shutters - what to consider

The Shutter Store 12/15/2016 2:01:54 PM Benefits of Shutters, Shutter Styles
As the name suggests, these are single, full-height shutters that cover the entire window and open as one unit. They are simple and elegant but give you a dramatic finish. If you’re looking for standard door shutters, or shutters for French doors, this style is also a great choice.


With full height wooden shutters you can have as many panels across the window as you like, from one or two wide panels to six or seven narrower shutters hinged together to fold back. If you don’t plan on opening the panels back often, you might want to consider fewer panels. This means you’ll have less vertical wood sections which will let more light into your room.

Advantages of full-height shutters

No need for any other covering
Full height shutters are stylish enough to hold their own, which means there’s no need for any drapes or blinds.

Easy to install
As full height shutters cover the whole window, they are easy to line up and adjust during installation.

Noise control
If you live close to a road, or a busy street, shutters can help block outside noise.

Do you have traditional windows that look the part, but let in the cold? Wood is a natural insulator which means our shutters can help keep your room warm and snug.

Best for:

All window types. Full height wooden shutters are particularly useful for adding drama to a lounge or for blocking out unwanted light in a bedroom. They also work well as door shutters.

How to make them your own
  • Add a wooden shutter mid-rail so you can adjust the light differently on the upper and lower section of your plantation shutters. For example, you may choose to keep the bottom slats closed for privacy, but open the top ones to let in the light.
  • Match shutters to any element of your room’s décor with our custom colours.
  • Go for brightly coloured wooden shutters to add pop to a neutral room.
  • Looking for shutters for French doors? Our full height shutters are sure to make a statement.

Common questions answered 


Will full height shutters work in a small room?

Full height shutters will work, but it’s important to keep your slat sizes in proportion. Go for a smaller slat size so you can see the slats in a long run. This shows off the shutter style and can make a window look bigger.

Will full height shutters make my room dark?

Shutters are completely flexible and let you choose exactly how much light you’d like in your room. If you always want light coming through, go for thinner panels so you can open them right back. If you prefer to keep your shutters closed, opt for a bigger slat size to let in maximum light. You’ll need to consider leaving enough space for larger slats to open when deciding on fame mounts.
If light is a big consideration for you, chat to our team. They’re always full of bright ideas!