Finding Shutters for Various Bay Window Styles

Yasmeen 11/27/2020 9:09:49 AM Benefits of Shutters, Shutter Styles
Bay windows come in all shapes and sizes. Fortunately, so do our custom plantation shutters! Our easy-to-follow measuring guides will help you choose the best frame type and take accurate measurements for your bay window.


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Measuring for Bay Windows

DIY bay window shutters are straightforward to measure. If your bay has separate windows, meaning each window is set within its own recess with solid wall space in between, you will follow our standard measuring guides for either inside mount or outside mount.


Shutters for this type of bay window can be measured according to our standard measuring guides for Full Height shutters.

If the windows are connected to one another in the bay, you will want to select the guide specific to your shape bay window:
  • Angled bay – Generally three windows, with a larger window across one wall in the middle, and smaller side windows angled on the left and right sides.

  • Box bay – Side windows meet the central window at a 90-degree angle at the corner of the wall

  • Curved bay – Multiple windows positioned at a slight angle into a curved/ bow shape


You will want to start by selecting your window shape and downloading the appropriate measuring guide. The PDF guide will illustrate and instruct step by step on how to measure and will contain printable frame templates to assist in taking accurate measurements.


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The key to a successful installation for bay window shutters is to ensure the measurements for each individual window will allow all frames to fit together without overlapping or obstructing one another.
When ordering, you will enter the dimensions for each window separately as an individual shutter unit. Printing the frame templates from our measuring guides to scale will help you visualize exactly where the frames will sit when installed and ensure you get the correct measurement for each window.

Installing Bay Window Shutters

As with any shutter style, our plantation shutters for curved bay, box bay, or angled bay windows are easy to install. Each bay window style has its own dedicated installation guide available to download on our website, as well as videos to follow along with.

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Most often, it is a good idea to request no pre-drilled holes in the frames for your bay window shutters, since often the structure of the window will require top/bottom frames to be drilled as an inside mount into the top and bottom of the bay recess, while the side frame pieces are drilled as an outside mount or to the adjacent shutter frame.

Another helpful tool is to upload a picture of the window with your order so that your assigned shutter expert can point out any special considerations for your installation specific to your window structure.
We can also advise on the best panel configuration for uniform panel sizes in each window, and to avoid as much as possible having the panels on each shutter interfere with one another when swinging the panels open and closed.


Plantation shutters are actually even easier to install than other custom angled or bow window treatments, as it is difficult to find mounting hardware for curtains or blinds that follows the custom shape of your windows and does not cause each window treatment to overlap the adjacent window.
As with any shutter project, if you are not sure how to get started, reach out to our shutter experts for advice. We are here to help you design your perfect shutters at an ideal price, made to fit like a glove to your exact window shape.

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This post was brought to you by Yasmeen, one of The Shutter Store USA's experienced shutter consultants. Get in touch today for more advice on finding the perfect shutters to suit the bay windows in your home. Our friendly team of shutter experts are a call, chat or email away! Upload a picture of your window with your order or send it in to our support team for help designing your perfect shutters. We are here to help!