10 Spooktacular Halloween decorating ideas

The Shutter Store 10/6/2017 10:49:29 AM Seasonal

Pic: Grillo Designs
1 Ding dong the witch is dead…
… and she’s in your front yard. Easy to make, all you need are some legs (try Amazon’s or make your own with thrift store finds) and some greenery to support them. Or, trail them from under your front door. Wicked.
Pic: Honestly Yum
2 Deathly display
Having a fearsome feast and want your DIY Halloween decorations to be beautiful as well as beastly? We love this idea – just gather some creepy accessories and plastic insects around a skull vase filled with flowers in funereal shades. 
Pic: Daily Dead
3 Scary specimen jars
Want to try some simple DIY Halloween craft with the kids? These are super-easy to create. Simply save old food jars, fill them with dollar-store Halloween props then top up with water and food dye. Put them on a windowsill or doorstep, back lit with flickering candles*.
Pic: Good Housekeeping; thanks to Michael Partenio
4 Pumpkin parade
Need some inspiration for your pumpkin carving this year? We’re really into giving ours different personalities – so delve into your kids’ dressing up box for extra props. Little trick-or-treaters will love them!
Pic: Good Housekeeping
5 Ghostly goodies
If you have a little time over – or want to keep the kids busy at the weekend, why not wrap popsicles in white fabric or paper and give them each a ghostly face? No single one needs to be the same as another… they should just be ghoulishly inviting.
Pic: A Beautiful Mess
6 Skull centrepiece
Perfect as a Halloween window decoration, over a mantelpiece or in the hallway, this skull art is easily recreated with nails and string fixed to a piece of black painted board. Or, if speed is of the essence, you could just use it as inspiration to paint one on black card.
Pic: A Pretty Life in the Suburbs
7 We’ve got our eyes on you…
Strip back an old wreath to make space for eyeballs. You’ll need to order around 100 (try Amazon) to get this type of effect. Then all you need is a glue gun to attach them. We like the idea of winding a string of battery-powered lights into the wreath so that the eyes glint spookily in the dark, too.
Pic: Good Housekeeping
8 Set the scene
You need a lot of black card for this one – and a rope of LED lights… but other than that, it’s just you, some scissors and a lot of tape to create the grisliest garage door in town.
Pic: The Xerxes
9 Arachnophobia anyone?
It’s so easy to make these shudder-inducing spider homes. Just stuff some white stockings with white paper or fabric then glue tons of plastic spiders to them. Make sure they hang low enough over your door that they’ll mess with trick-or-treaters when the knock for their goodies.
Pic: Good Housekeeping
10 Hitchcock horror
Recreate the world-famous scene from The Birds on your own front porch by perching fake crows, blackbirds and ravens on branches supported by pumpkins. The more birds the better – and yes, we know this looks tasteful in the daylight… but just wait till night-time threatens.
*Never leave burning candles unattended.