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Installing Shutters on Patio Doors

Yasmeen 10/9/2020 10:27:33 AM Buying and Fitting Shutters, Home Decor and Design
Installing DIY shutters for your patio door is just as easy and straightforward as installing any window shutter with our easy-to-follow measuring and installation guides.

Essentially, you are following the same measure and install steps as for any window shutter, just working on a larger scale to cover your patio door opening.

For French Doors, you can install full height shutters even if there are handles and locks in the way, as we offer custom cut-outs to work around that.

Shutters for patio doors

Here are a few things to keep in mind and point you in the right direction when designing custom patio door shutters.

Wooden shutters for patio doors


Which mount for shutters on patio doors?

For any patio door, whether it is a sliding glass door or a French door, an outside mount frame will give you the added depth needed for the shutter slats to fully rotate open and closed without hitting the glass, door handle, lock or any obstruction behind the shutter.

We offer outside mount frames in a variety of styles and depths so you will be sure to find one that accommodates your desired slat size and helps you avoid any obstructions that would prevent the slats from operating properly.

Wood plantation shutters for sliding glass doors

Benefits of Outside Mount >>

You can mount directly to a French Door, or to the drywall surrounding the patio door opening, or even on top of an existing trim or decorative molding.

Printing the frame templates from our outside mount measuring guide will help you visualize the installation and take the most accurate measurements to ensure a perfect fit.

Some patio doors are recessed into the drywall allowing for an inside mount. If you prefer an inside mount, be sure to refer to the recess depth requirements listed in the measuring guide to ensure the recess is deep enough for an inside mount with your selected slat size.

You can always email a picture of the doorway to our shutter experts for help in selecting inside or outside mount and choosing the best frame type.

Outside Mount Measuring Guide >>

Inside Mount Measuring Guide >>

screened-porch-with-plantation-shutters.pngPlantation shutters for screened porch


French Door Shutters

For French doors, plantation shutters can mount directly to the door utilizing an outside mount frame (usually a Large L-Frame to allow room for the slats to rotate open and closed).

We always recommend a 4-sided frame for French doors. We also recommend using our frame templates to ensure that the shutter frame fits around the glass, without hitting a doorknob, handle, or lock. If the frame does hit any door hardware, you can order as a specialty shape under our “French Door Cut-out" option with either a squared or rounded cut-out to accommodate the hardware.  

Plantation shutters for french patio doors

Special Shaped Shutters >>

Again, you will simply follow our outside mount measuring guides to submit the finished width and height dimensions, including the width of your chosen shutter frame. Be sure to account for any projecting trim that surrounds the glass, and place the frame templates outside of that trim, so that the shutter frame does not overlap the trim.

Regarding shutters that require a cut-out, our shutter experts will review this with you during the order confirmation call and send a template for you to fill in the custom height and depth of the cut-out needed.

Patio Door Shutters for a Sliding Glass Door

For a glass door that slides back and forth to access the patio, you will likely want to keep the bottom clear so as not to block access or pose a risk of tripping over a bottom frame piece as you step outside. In this case, you can select “left, right, and top” for your frame sides rather than a 4-sided frame, for ease of access.

Generally, patio door shutters will have between 4-6 panels with the panels folding out from the center towards each side. While it may be tempting to choose all your panels to open in one direction to match the direction that the patio door slides, we advise against this as it will put too much weight on the hinges on that side of the frame. Bi-fold shutters for patio doors will distribute the weight more evenly.

DIY porch shutters
We can even add vertical t-posts at no extra charge for further support and to split up the weight of the panels. T-posts allow for the panels to be hinged separately on each side of the opening, which prevents sagging over time. A T-post connects to your shutter frame at the top and bottom, so in the case of using a t-post, a 4-sided frame may be recommended, or you can anchor the t-post to the floor at the bottom for stability.

How T-Posts Can Help with Large Window Shutters >>

If you have carpet or rugs in front of the doorway that may prevent the shutter panels from swinging open, please let us know and our factory can take a standard floor clearance deduction. This cuts the panels slightly shorter than the length of the shutter frame so that the shutter panels will swing open freely.

What About a Track System for Sliding Shutter Panels?

We do not offer a DIY assembly with a track system for sliding bypass shutter panels, given that this is a very difficult system to install without previous professional experience in doing so. We strive to offer a selection that is simplified for any skill level or first-timer to be able to successfully install a long-lasting and quality product.

If you have a track system installed by a 3rd party, we can gladly provide frameless shutters (simply select “panel only” for your frame option). We can provide custom-sized shutter panels without our standard hinges or magnets attached, so that the panels can be installed into your existing track system.
 You will enter the dimensions for each panel as a separate item in your cart, as the panels will not need the standard rabbeted or astragal stiles that overlap for hinged window shutters with multiple panels. Consult your installer to determine what size panels are needed for the bypass installation and be sure they are aware that our solid shutter panels range between 1” to 1 1/8” in thickness.

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Get Started

Now that you have some inspiration and guidance on how to measure and install patio door shutters, you can get started in choosing the custom options that will truly tie your room together. Plantation shutters are the perfect combination of style and practical function, offering privacy and flexible control over how much light enters the room.

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