10 easy DIY projects to refresh your home

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Forget a major remodeling project and refresh your home with one of these 10 DIY projects that will quickly and easily give your room a lift.

Quick wins are a great way to get started on making your house feel like a home, and easy DIY room decor projects will progressively increase your confidence. So if you think your DIY skills are a little shaky, think again. These 10 room decor ideas are easy, fun and will transform the look of your home!

So let's jump in!

10 Easy DIY room decor projects to refresh a room


1. Install wooden shutters

Wooden shutters are remarkably quick and easy to install, yet they have a transformative effect on any room. With the clean lines and smooth slats giving you a more minimal and quality designed look, shutters can alter an entire room aesthetically as well as practically.

Your shutters can also change the way the light comes in, depending on whether you choose slats or solid panel shutters. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about your choice of drapes going out of style or dry cleaning ever again. A beginner can handle this DIY room décor project in no time, especially as we have easy-to-follow measure and install guides for all customers to download and follow.   

Ready to get your own DIY shutters? It couldn't be easier. Order your free sampleschoose the style you’d like and place your order. Once your shutters arrive, follow our super simple DIY installation guide and away you go! Beautiful shutters you will be proud to have installed yourself.

2. Paint your furniture

Upcycling has become a world-wide interiors phenomenon and it’s easy to see why. It's a great way to create a more eco-friendly house, making use of unloved furniture. Never sit looking glumly at tired furniture in colors you don’t love when a weekend’s work can change it beyond all recognition. Take a bit of care with your painting routine – sand, rub down and clean what you’re painting, make sure you buy the right paint type, and use undercoats and primers as directed. It's amazing what you can achieve if you be brave! Remember, if you don’t love it you can just change again.

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3. DIY your own shelves

You know what they say, 'tidy house, tidy mind'... While we’re in danger of sounding like your mom, you’ll probably realise on reflection that she was right! But where do you put those books/games/toys/photos? Shelving is an easy DIY project that’s very adaptable, both in style and in the practicalities of installation. From a simple bracket-supported shelf to a full unit in an alcove with doors across the front, you’ve got a million options, all of them which will make you – and your mom – a little bit prouder of your home.

4. Sew your own cushions and throws

If even getting a hammer and nails out seems too involved, take a look at the soft furnishings around your home. Carefully chosen and placed cushions and throws can have a huge impact on tired sofas, chairs and tables. If your budget doesn’t run to buying new then could you re-cover old cushions? Could you make your own covers? Could you dye, embroider or fringe your existing covers? Once you get started you’ll soon be transforming spaces all around the house.

Pic credit: Within the Grove / Printing the right sized frames

5. Create a statement wall

Painting or wallpapering is a sure-fire way to change a room. But redoing every wall might mean a whole load of messing around with dust sheets and wallpaper paste. The “signature wall” concept makes just one of your verticals stand-out – pick eye-catching patterns or bold colors that might be too much if repeated all around, but limited to one wall, or a prominent segment of a wall (say a chimney breast) will make a talking point out of a simple piece of decoration. Not sure about paint or wallpaper? Why not make a statement with frames!

6. Get creative with frames

Which leads us on nicely to our next idea. Are you creative? Of course you are! We all are, if only we had the confidence. But art needn’t be expensive, nor need it be all about the mastery of a skill that you failed to pick up at school. A frame carries a lot of the weight when it comes to converting a simple collection – baseball cards, stamps, a quirky print picked up in a market, or photos – into a pleasing piece of home décor. Make it a family project and you’ll add a load of laughter to a quick but lasting design change.

7. Pick the right bulbs

The single most important impact on how you see things is the light by which you see them. We've mentioned how shutters help to frame and control natural light in your space, but what about artificial lighting? Colored light can have a huge impact on mood, so check out your power and filament options as well as scouring antique stores for beautiful old standard lamps and design stores for new shades. Bright lights are ideal for gloomy days, while warm lighting is ideal for evenings, so go for a bright bulb in your main room light, and a selection of soft lamps dotted around the room for evenings. Fairy lights and candles also add a cosy, homely vibe when the shutters keep the night out. It's a super easy DIY, right?

Pic credit: The learner observer / DIY driftwood mirror

8. Be clever with mirrors

Light means space, but even if you don’t have actual square-footage you can mimic the appearance of a bigger space in the simplest way possible. Hang a mirror on your wall – or two, or three – and you’ll throw light around your room and make it appear to grow! Round, portrait, full-length… there are lots of options and plenty of ways that imaginative hanging or framing can make the effect of this simple piece of glass even more impressive.

9. Green fingers

Plants can really transform a room. They are an ongoing commitment, but there are few quicker ways to really alter the way you feel about your space. In addition to looking great there’s excellent research to show that living around plants of certain types can be good for our breathing, our health, and our mood. Rubber plants are a great place to start – they look great, are easy to grow, and are known to be great at ‘cleaning’ the air. Succulents are also very easy to maintain, not to mention they are very Instagram-worthy!

10. Change your pattern

An even easier way to use paint to change your environment is to be minimal with your application. You can use stencils for a huge variety of effects, from Arabic-style patterning to the latest in gritty, graffiti-inspired wall art. It’s super easy and very quick. You can buy stencils or – with a little work – you can make your own, and stencils allow you to introduce brighter colors and more striking visual effects in a way that’s easy to do – and easy to un-do. Whether you want to apply stencils to walls, tables, or chairs, the choice is yours!

The one DIY we can help with? Stunning shutters of course! Browse our products and start customizing your room today.