What does my warranty cover?

Yasmeen 11/29/2019 2:43:55 PM Ask Yasmeen
Our “Ask Yasmeen” posts will tackle some of most frequently asked questions about plantation shutters.

Today’s question is: What does my warranty cover?
When making an investment in your home such as interior shutters, DIY can sound daunting, though it does not have to be! One of the fears many customers have is what happens if something goes wrong?

Unlike other DIY companies, our shutter specialists are here for you from start to end, including maintenance and troubleshooting well after your purchase is complete. You are also protected by our 36-month warranty which means a no-hassle replacement in the rare case of any manufacturing defects.

Your investment is important to us, which is why we have you covered with a no-hassle warranty.

Quality Shutters You Can Trust

The biggest concerns we get asked about are what happens if the material starts to crack or fall apart, and if the color will yellow or fade over time.

With The Shutter Store’s high quality standards for our materials, and diligence in manufacturing, you can rest assured that this will not be the case.

We use only solid materials, never hollow or composite, to provide you with a strong product that will last for years to come. Our wooden shutters are 100% solid hardwood. Our polyvinyl shutters are solid through and through, reinforced with an aluminum core.

An aluminum core supports the weight of our solid polyvinyl shutters to increase the longevity of your shutters.

Our shutters are treated with UV protectant and sealant that is mixed in with every layer of paint, with a minimum 7 layers applied for a long-lasting beautiful finish that will not yellow, fade, or peel, even in high heat and direct sunlight.

Our UV protectant ensures that even the brightest white shutters will not fade or yellow.

Our polyvinyl shutters are waterproof, perfect to withstand warping in wet or humid conditions. Our wooden shutters are not intended for use in showers or moist environments but can resist a little humidity or splashing if they are promptly wiped down with a dry cloth to prevent the wood from absorbing the moisture.

Follow our tips for maintenance in our video library to keep your shutters in new condition.

Reach out to our shutter experts for advice on the best material to choose for your project.

Long-term Beauty

Our shutters are made to last well beyond the 36-month warranty, but we have found in our nearly 20 years of experience that any manufacturing defects will present themselves within the first couple of months.

In the rare case of an issue with the quality of your product or a discrepancy compared to the specifications confirmed for production, we ask only for pictures to get a claim started and per your shutter warranty we will replace the affected parts of your order ASAP.

There is a reason our customers will return 10+ years later to order for more windows or for their next home, because they can see the lasting quality and beauty of their existing shutters from The Shutter Store.

The Bottom Line

Before we send any order into production, we do a thorough review, and our experts will be sure to point out any recommended changes to the design to increase the longevity of your shutters. We will not send an order into production if we feel that the design would compromise the integrity of the shutters or compromise your warranty.

During the design consultation with this customer, our experts suggested T-Posts to separate the weight of the shutter panels, for optimal structural integrity.

Affordable shutters do not have to cost you your peace of mind! Save 40% or more by doing it yourself but rest easy that you are covered against any issues that may arise. Our shutter experts go through months of hands-on training to be able to provide you with the best guidance and after care in the industry.

See and feel the difference for yourself! Learn more about our shutters or click here to order your free samples today. Our shutter experts are here for support 6 days a week ready to answer all your questions. Let’s get started in bringing your vision to life!


This post was brought to you by Yasmeen, one of The Shutter Store USA's experienced shutter consultants. Contact our team today for advice on your shutters. We're here to help!