Take a tour of designer Kelly Hoppen's new warehouse home

The Shutter Store 3/15/2016 5:45:01 PM Home Decor and Design, Inspiration

A stone dining table. An huge egg shell-shaped bath. And a six-meter sofa. We take a look inside the new dream home that star interior designer – and The Shutter Store collaborator - Kelly Hoppen has created for herself.

Designer Kelly Hoppen is a household name in the UK, thanks to her TV appearances and the MBE she was awarded in 2009. She is also one of the few high-profile designers to have become closely associated with a trademark color. The ‘Queen of Taupe’ as she has been called has had a huge influence of interiors style, down to her mix of elegance, a neutral color palette and an East-meets-West design aesthetic, now popular in chic hotels the world over. “My design philosophy has always been to create timeless and understated elegance,” she told Singapore Tatler earlier this month. “Trends fade but my designs last the test of time.”


Image: Kelly Hoppen Interiors

She has just completed work on her new home, a 9,000 sq foot warehouse space in west London that was once an auction house. The building was derelict when she bought it, and the whole project has taken 15 months to complete, not least because of Hoppen’s exacting standards on the finished.


Image: Kelly Hoppen Interiors

Now it’s completed, her new dream home exemplifies her own trademark style – the classic shapes, the understated palette of stones, black, white and her trademark taupe. A color she first discovered when visiting America – where, she says, everyone called it ‘mushroom’ – she has since made this shade utterly her own. The warehouse centres around a huge double-height space used for lounging and dining and although the palette is restrained the feeling of luxury is everywhere. The use of materials like marble, parquet flooring, stone and glass give the whole space an organic, tactile feel – another Hoppen speciality.


Opium Red shutters from the Kelly Hoppen Designer collection

But this reserved style is anything but boring. To Kelly the home is a stage on which your own life is played out in beauty and comfort. A space that speaks to you but doesn’t shout. Kelly has designed her own range of shutters exclusively for us, and we were lucky enough to catch up with her to ask for a few words of wisdom on designing a home yourself. “You want to create a really cool place to chill that everyone can enjoy. I believe that the most interesting thing in your home should be you.”

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