10 easy ways to add curb appeal this weekend

The Shutter Store 7/26/2016 3:50:54 PM Benefits of Shutters, Home Decor and Design

Whether you’re thinking of selling your home, or just want to make the most of your space this summer, here are 10 easy ideas for how to add curb appeal to your house. Better still, each one can fit into a single weekend.

Paint your front door

A fresh coat of paint will do wonders for the look of your whole house. Current trends include glossy black and perennial favorite bold red, but if you have a traditional home you could also consider a heritage color - sage green, duck-egg blue and even a lavender shade will add a touch of timeless country charm.

Add new numbers

Change up your door hardware for a killer finishing touch. Large metal door numbers give a smart, confident feel to your home - whether you go for graphic steel or nickel for a contemporary look or traditional brass for an older home - and even details like a new door knocker will add to the sense of occasion every time you come through the door.

Install outdoor lighting

Make your home stand out 24/7 by adding external lighting. A fixed lamp on the porch, twin lanterns either side of the door, or even low-level garden lighting to lead the eye up the garden path will all enhance the look of your home from the street - make make it easier to find those door keys in the dark!

Enhance your planting

A few choice plants are another great way to add scale and softness to your facade. To make your doorway feel more grand try two shrubs in matching planters either side of the door. For a more rustic feel two hanging baskets will give an equally pleasing frame to your entranceway. Moving further into the front garden, think about adding a few scented shrubs at either side of the path that smell sweet as your guests brush past them.

Paint your porch

Give your porch a new lease of life - and a completely new look of you wish - with nothing more than a cat of paint. Porches take the brunt of the weather so need regular maintenance, and just changing the color can make a huge change to how your house looks. If you’re selling then a coat of paint will reassure prospective buyers that the house is cared for, even before they’ve got out of their car.

…or switch up the furniture

Porch looking smart already? Then maybe a furniture upgrade is all you need. Outdoor-suitable furniture on the porch will demonstrate that it is a space for eating, relaxing, reading… pick a small love seat if you have space to provide a cosy feel.

Paint your fence

Your fence is the dividing line between your property and the world beyond, so a well-maintained fence gives a subtle impression of security as you approach a house. Pick a color that suits your house - white is classic and looks pretty against a cottage garden, blue can be sweet for a seaside property. And for contemporary homes go for an almost-black charcoal shade for a modern take.

Pay attention to the garden path

The lead-up to the front door is easily forgotten, so make sure your path is visitor-ready. Weeding, regravelling or pressure-washing old flagstones are all little elements that help add up to a sense of a well-cared-for home. Cracked paving stones can be lifted and replaced in an afternoon and the result will be prettier - and safer.

Wash the windows

The easiest refresh of all, but easily forgotten! The soul of your house is the windows, so get up that ladder - or better still hire someone else to do it - and get them sparkling. You’ll make the house lighter inside and smarter-looking from the street.

Order some shutters

OK, so this won’t be completed this weekend, but adding shutters to either the exterior or interior of your home will provide a smart, unified look that can’t fail to impress. Ordering this weekend only requires a little measuring, and we have step-by-step videos to guide you through the whole process with ease.

Images from Farrow & Ball