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The Shutter Store 8/10/2017 11:00:09 AM Buying and Fitting Shutters
We make it our goal to provide our customers with the support they need – both online and on the phone – so that the design, ordering and installation experience of their made-to-measure window shutters is the best it can be.
But don’t just take our word for it – you can read our Trust Pilot feedback on our customer reviews page, and check us out on Facebook, too. Here are just a few of our favourites, along with a few expert tips.

Designing and measuring up
We'll help you find your perfect style – you can see our galleries and video library on our website, you'll learn about choosing frames and mounts, and you'll get the inside story on panels and slats. Our videos on measuring explain the different mounts, how to measure for each shutter type – and for different windows, including bays and arched windows.
Here’s what some of our 5 star reviewers have said:
Louise Weber on Facebook: ‘We were so pleased with the service, the fit, and the quality, that we came back for more. My husband, the woodworker, was hesitant when I wanted to put shutters in our recreation room. He was so pleased, he jumped at my offer to put them in his office!’
Judy Connell on Facebook: ‘They make sure your measurements are accurate with a confirmation phone call before shipping. I felt this was very professional; you don't get this from any other company before ordering. We were very impressed with the quality when they arrived. We usually buy from the Big Box stores and they are so cheap but wanted something much nicer for our master bath. We will definitely order from The Shutter Store again!’
Alan White on Facebook: ‘I've ordered from The Shutter Store on four separate occasions during the past five years. I've now got their wooden shutters on all my windows. Twenty one shutters in all. We've never had a problem with any of the shutters fitting. The key is to take exact measurements. I've used a laser ruler and taken my measurements to the nearest 1/16 of an inch. And always ask them to take 1/8 of an inch off the measurements if you are going with the inside mount. Since most windows are not exactly perfect in shape you need extra wiggle room for inside mount. We are very happy with our shutters.’

Installing your window shutters
It's easier than you think (if you can put up a shelf, you can fit our shutters)! Remember, we supply everything you need – and you can check our video library for help with installing all our shutter types, from inside mount café-style to outside mount tier-on-tier shutters.
Here, a few more happy customers pass on their experiences with us:
Andrew McLauthlin on Facebook: ‘I ordered shutters for five windows, from relatively large to very large. Putting them up wasn't too difficult, even by myself (I do some woodworking on the side, but I think anyone even basically proficient with a drill and screwdriver could put these up with a helping hand). Once up, they look great and block out light really well. The hinges move smoothly and the slats also move very smoothly. It's a great product! I only had two problems: the first was trying to get all the panels to line up appropriately on some of the large windows, but the folks in customer services walked me through adjusting the hinges, and that was no longer a problem. The second was that one panel on a six foot wide window was warped. Now, not only did they replace it for me with very few questions, they were fine with me taking my sweet time to get them their information... We were in the middle of having a baby and it took us a while, but that wasn't a problem for anyone there! Now we have all of them up, they work great, and I've been recommending them left and right. This was a fifth to a tenth of the cost of what even Lowe's wanted to charge and the product is better than theirs.’
Diane Mack on Facebook: ‘I cannot begin to tell you how happy we are with the quality, price and looks of the shutters and the customer service we received from The Shutter Store staff. I ordered online and was a little nervous at first. However, they were supportive every step of the way. The first time I ordered for part of the house only. After receiving the shutters, I could not believe the quality – and installation was painless! Approximately a year later I ordered more, and once again they pulled up my previous order, matching everything with step-by-step support. I just received my third and last order now the house is complete. Same great service, support and quality. I live right on the water where everything rusts these look great and function fabulously. To say the least, we love our shutters. Thank you again!!

Tara Hupp on Facebook: ‘We have filled every window in our house with The Shutter Store. Each time they arrive, we always say how amazing they look! Super affordable, we had four different quotes; free shipping helped and it takes 10 minutes to install them! Thanks a million!’
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