50 Shades of White Shutters

Yasmeen 9/27/2019 2:32:23 PM Home Decor and Design
When it comes to white shutters, there’s a lot more variety and nuance than you may think. You might notice if looking at multiple color swatches for any home décor that many could be considered “white”, yet there are ever so many subtle differences that will stand out to the keen eye.

Finding the right shade of white helped complete this bright and cozy nook.

Shades of white plantation shutters

From Benjamin Moore to Sherwin Williams and more, the same color (even with the same name) may not be an exact match from one brand to the next. The same white paint can even look different depending on the material it is applied to.

Getting the right shade will tie a room together, so how do you choose between the many shades of white out there?

At The Shutter Store, we blend our own colors and offer a variety of paints ranging from the brightest white through off white, cream, taupe, and gray.

Our American Polyvinyl has 3 paint colors, and our other ranges have between 8-10 neutral paint colors to choose from.

Bright White Shutters compliment / contrast with the slight cream tones throughout this room.

Our most popular color is Bright White, with Silk White in a close second place. Both are true white, no off white or cream tone, but the silk white is a softer finish. The remaining colors will have some hint of cream, yellow, beige, or grey in them.

Ordering free samples is the best way to determine which one looks best in your home. Since computer monitors’ brightness and display can vary, it is best to get the physical sample in your home to see how it looks in the window. The lighting of a room can change the way a color is perceived, so it’s best to view the color sample in the same lighting where the shutters will be installed.

White plantation shutters have a timeless style

White plantation shutters will fit with any home décor, and never go out of style. Kitchen shutters or bathroom shutters are traditionally white. While other rooms in the house may have brighter, more bold color schemes, white can always present a brilliant contrast.

You can’t go wrong with classic white shutters in a bathroom, even with contrasting color walls.

If your style is ever-changing, you can rest assured that your white shutters will never clash if you decide to change your paint, wallpaper, furniture or décor.

White is neutral, but not plain, and the subtlety of shade variation still allows you to customize your design to your preferred style. Check out our customer gallery for inspiration.

White shutters are the perfect choice for this boldly colored kitchenette - great decision by our customer Joe in Hawaii!

For a classic style and smooth paint finish, the following ranges have a smooth finish with no visible wood grain when painted:
  • Affordable Fauxwood
  • Classic Poplar Hardwood
  • American Polyvinyl
  • American Hardwood
    • Whitewash is available for a hint of white coating over natural wood
  • Designer Collection
    • High gloss is available in The Designer Collection for a more modern look.
The Premium Elm Hardwood offers a more rustic look with visible wood grain.

The material you choose will impact the finish of a white paint. Be sure to order our free color samples (cut from actual shutter slats in each material) especially if you need to match a specific style.

Customize your white window shutters

With loads of options, you are sure to find one of our available paint colors that will work in your home. If our colors are a shade off, or you prefer to use the exact paint color that you have elsewhere in the home, we offer custom color matching.

If you order in the Classic Poplar Hardwood range, we can match the color code from any current swatch in the Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams color decks. Other paint colors can be matched, but we’ll ask that you mail us a physical color swatch for matching.

Contact our shutter experts for pricing and additional information on how to order with a custom color.


We’re here to help you find the best color match for your project.
As you can see, there is not just one white, but don’t wave the white flag if you’re overwhelmed by options! Email us a picture of your window for help with design or narrowing down the selection of color samples. Still looking for more help and inspiration when it comes to shutter design? Check out our video guides as well.


This post was brought to you by Yasmeen, one of The Shutter Store USA's experienced shutter consultants. Contact our team today for advice on your shutters. We're here to help!