Do Plantation Shutters Add Value to Your Home?

The Shutter Store 2/14/2023 12:00:00 PM

In the last few decades, plantation shutters have become increasingly popular in the US (and beyond), and it’s a trend that shows no signs of slowing. Besides their obvious aesthetic qualities, light management, versatility, and insulating properties, there’s another reason many homeowners are turning to our favourite window dressing. The right set (or two) of plantation shutters will increase the asking price of your home. How? Well, we’re about to get into it.

They’re Built to Last

When your home’s value is being appraised, one of the things the agent will look at is the various fixtures and design features found throughout. Sure, appearance is important, but so is longevity. With curtains and blinds, you’ll have a window dressing that’s very prone to wear and tear. Shutters, on the other hand, are built to last. If given the proper care and attention, there’s no reason your shutters won’t last you for years…decades even. It’s also worth noting that each one of our shutters come with their own guarantee (2-3 years, depending on product choice). If you have any issues in that time, we’ll fix or replace your shutters completely free of charge.


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There’s Always a Shutter to Match

It doesn’t matter what style of home you have. Whether it’s minimalist, modern farmhouse, rustic, or otherwise, you’re sure to find the right style for you. And because they’ll blend in seamlessly with virtually any décor, shutters will never go out of style. It’s this timelessness that sets them apart from other dressings. We’ve got lots of colours and finishes for you to choose from too, from the whitest whites to the darkest greys. If you’re looking for something a little different, why not choose one of our wood stains or textured limewash finishes? They’re beautifully suited to modern and historic homes alike.

Privacy and Security

No matter which style you go for, shutters are excellent for maintaining privacy. Our Full Height and Tier-On-Tier options both cover the entirety of the window, while Café Style shutters ensure the bottom section is covered. Their movable slats mean you can allow as much or as little light into your home as possible, but if it’s near total blackout you’re after, our Solid Raised shutters are the ones for you.

Don’t Wait to Insulate

Besides the above, you’re probably wondering, “Do shutters increase home value in any other ways?” Well, we’re glad you asked. One of the most practical ways shutters can add value to your home lies in their ability to insulate and ventilate. Because the shutters will be fitted flush to your windows, they’re excellent at eliminating drafts. This is particularly useful during the colder winter months, helping to keep your home cozy and save you money on energy bills.

do shutter increase home value

How Much Do Plantation Shutters Cost?

After reading this, you’re probably thinking that this all sounds very expensive. After all, surely something that adds value to your home is going to put a lot of pressure on the purse strings. Well, actually, by going with The Shutter Store you’ll be saving upwards of 40% against other measure and install services, and that’s without even mentioning our ongoing sales. Our shutters start from as little as $21 per square ft, so you won’t have to break the bank to add some extra wow to your windows.


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Still Got Questions?

Do shutters increase home value? Yes, yes, they do. Are they difficult to fit? No, no, they’re not. Our online measure and install guides make things super simple, but don’t forget that we’re here to help too. If you have any queries at all, we’d love to hear them. Send an email to today and one of our expert team will get back to you ASAP. We’re looking forward to hearing from you shortly.