How to maximize light in your kitchen-diner

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how to maximize light in kitchen diner ideas

The light in any room is integral to fostering a hospitable atmosphere and creating the perception of space. Even if you’re working with a small place, some minor adjustments can multiply the natural light that’s available and make the room appear much larger than it is in reality. If your ambition and budget permits, you can also embark on a more extensive regeneration program and remove non-structural walls to create a new magnificent space flooded with light. Whether you want to start small or go big, here are some of the most effective ways to maximize the light in your kitchen-diner.

Open up the space

With the era of formal dining rooms firmly rooted in the past, taking down non-structural walls is the most effective way to maximize the light in your kitchen. While this addition of more natural light is one benefit, opening up the space also creates a fantastically family-friendly space where you can cook, eat and relax in the hub of the house with ease.

There are different approaches to taking down non-structural walls. Depending on your requirements and preferences you can opt to create one open plan layout with coordinated décor or instead have the spaces styled differently but with the wall removed to foster a sense of openness and light.

On the topic of structural work, if you have the opportunity to bring in additional windows, especially a sky-light if your kitchen-diner permits one, this is a fantastic way of adding not just light but also value to your property.

Streamline your counter tops and window sills

Artificial light is one thing, but there are many ways you can maximise natural light in your kitchen diner before you resort to spotlights, lamps etc. First, remove any obstacles that can disrupt the flow of light from windows to all corners of the room – this includes keeping windowsills and countertops clear.

Streamlining your kitchen-diner can also make the room appear more spacious by fostering a sense of openness. While it’s not always possible to remove large objects which may be causing an obstruction, simply rearranging your surfaces or changing the position of lightweight and unimportant furnishings is an excellent place to start.

Choose the correct window dressing

One of the most effective ways to maximize light in your kitchen is with the addition of a window dressing that offers light control.  Shutters are the most flexible window dressing you can invest in. The retractable panels mean that when opened the maximum amount of natural light will flood your kitchen-diner. Another benefit to kitchen shutters is their adjustable slats which can be tilted throughout the day allowing plenty of natural light into your kitchen-diner and still provide privacy – especially important if your room looks out onto a street.

Opt for light-reflecting colors

Decorating your kitchen in light, neutral tones is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways of brightening the space. However, a bright kitchen design doesn’t mean you have to abandon all sense of flair and creativity and live in an ultra-white, dystopian environment. Powder blues, light greys and lavender also work fantastically well at maximizing the light. Explore some color palettes to decide which works best for the style of your kitchen-diner but be sure to avoid deep, dark tones if you want to make the space appear a brighter and more cheerful place to wine and dine. 

White window shutters have the ability to bounce light around the room. As the sun shines, it reflects onto the white shutter slats, back into the room, giving a beautiful glow that brightens the room. 

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Mirror mirror on the wall

It’s a tried and tested secret in interior design that mirrors will make any space look bigger by creating the illusion that the reflected space is part of the room. Mirrors are also best placed in a focal point of the room – ideally close to or opposite a window so that it will reflect the natural light from outside. If you don’t have space for a mirror you can use a range of glass or mirrored services to the same effect. From backsplashes to glass-topped tables, there is a myriad of options for using this technique to maximize the light in your kitchen diner.

Using artificial light to brighten a kitchen

While it’s advisable to foster as much natural light as possible, using artificial light can work just as good. There are numerous ways to brighten a kitchen with artificial lighting but some of the best and more creative ways is to include fitting strip lighting under your top cupboards. Also try hanging softer pendant lighting over your island or dining table. A lamp can be an excellent addition to a dark and hidden corner and lanterns and candles are both practical and  atmospheric on gloomy winter evenings. As a rule, it’s best to avoid large ceiling lights as these have the potential to create shadows and can work against the natural light in your kitchen-diner, rather than being a complimentary addition.

Glass, glass everywhere

It’s not just mirrored glass which has the ability to enhance the natural light in a room glass also works too. As well as more traditional uses of glass, such as cabinets and coffee tables, consider some glass bottles or vessels in dark spots to throw some sun beams around and brighten things up a little. Colored glass works just as well as clear glass and they can also be used as a charming form of accessorising as well as a method of maximising light. Remember you can also swap out internal doors so that they have glass panels, letting light flow from one room to the next. 

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Accessorize effectively

While nobody wishes to live in a desert-like house with a kitchen-diner than resembles a hospital more than a kitchen; accessorise with caution. There’s a fine line between a sensible amount of creative additions and a whole load of clutter which will inhibit both natural and artificial light from working well in a room. Accessories which are sure to enhance and not detract from the light include items made of glass and stainless steel which reflect rather than absorb light. If you have pale walls to enhance the light in your room, pictures and frames in contrasting colours can make the walls look further away and thus your kitchen-diner will appear larger, brighter and lighter!

Don’t be perturbed by a lack of natural light. With some minor adjustments, rearrangements and clever additions of glass and mirrors, you can maximize the light in your kitchen-diner in a matter of moments and with minimal cost.

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