DIY Shutters Ideal for Spring

Yasmeen 3/12/2021 10:22:56 AM
Though the weather may not be reminding us of Spring just yet, Spring is right around the corner! Plantation shutters are an ideal home upgrade for the spring. They insulate and block out the harsh sun to keep your air conditioning costs low during the warmer months. They are also a stylish and affordable window treatment with flexible control over privacy and light-entry or light-blockage.


Shutters in Time for Spring

We manufacture our custom shutters in two different facilities to offer you flexible options with both budget and timeline in mind!

Depending on the shutter style and material you order, custom shutters can be manufactured in as little as 3 weeks but can take up to 8-9 weeks. Now is the perfect time to get your order started so you can plan ahead for the hotter months approaching!


Depending on the climate where you live or any other renovation timeline you are working around, you may want to opt for our American made shutters to get them sooner. If budget is the priority and you can wait a bit longer, we offer ranges at a lower price per square foot that are manufactured overseas.
Check out our shipping information page for the most up-to-date manufacturing lead times for each product range that we offer.

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Benefits of Shutters

With Spring and Summer approaching, windows that get a lot of direct sunlight can let too much heat into your home during the day, causing your cooling system to run more than necessary. Plantation shutters can be kept closed to create an insulating barrier blocking the harsh sun, and our UV protection on all of our shutters guarantees that your shutters won’t peel, fade, or crack even in the direct sunlight.
Shutters also minimize dust and pollen from entering the home making them an allergy-friendly window treatment ideal for Spring. They are super easy to clean using a fabric duster.

When you want to let in more light or access your windows, shutters can be operated with the slats to control how much light enters the room, or you can swing the shutter panels fully open. Keeping the panels closed and operating the slats only gives you partial privacy while letting in natural light. Swinging the panels fully open will give you maximum visibility and light-entry.


With full height, café style, and tier-on-tier style shutter options to choose from, you can control how much or how little of your window is covered at any given time. Keep in mind, tier on tier style can be more challenging to install and is not available in our American made materials, so you will want to order in advance of your project deadline to account for the 8-9 week manufacturing time.

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Start designing your custom shutters today! We offer solid hardwood and solid polyvinyl with aluminum core for long-lasting durability regardless of which material you choose. Check out our selection of colors and request up to 4 free color samples to find your perfect match. Choose your slat sizes and frame type for custom shutters to match any décor! Our team of friendly shutter experts are always here to give our recommendations if you get stuck at any step of the way.

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This post was brought to you by Yasmeen, one of The Shutter Store USA's experienced shutter consultants. Get in touch today for more advice on finding the perfect window treatment for your home this spring. If you're still unsure and have any questions, our friendly team of shutter experts are a call, chat or email away! Upload a picture of your window with your order or send it in to our support team for help designing your perfect shutters. We are here to help!