Plantation Shutters for Special Shaped Windows

Yasmeen 7/3/2020 2:17:25 PM Benefits of Shutters, Inspiration
Special shape windows can be difficult to find window treatments for without covering up their unique shape! Look no further than our custom plantation shutters, made to fit even the most uniquely shaped windows. Really, try us!


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And yes, you can easily do-it-yourself. The measure and install on special shapes are no more difficult than for your rectangular windows, and you will be working closely with our shutter experts to get the exact shape of your window absolutely correct. Here we tackle the most common questions about special shape windows.

Circle windows with beautiful plantation shutters

What window shapes do your shutters cover?

We offer custom plantation shutters for arch, half-moon, circle, triangle, and trapezoid shutters, as well as French Doors that require a cut-out to go around the door handle and/or locks.

Whether your arch is a full dome at the top, or a slightly rounded eyebrow arch, there is an arch style that will fit your window.

Even odd shapes like octagon windows or diamond windows are no problem!

What if I don’t see my window shape?

We can still do it! When we say special, we mean it. Each shutter is custom made based on the pictures and measurements you will provide us.

All our special shapes are priced the same way, so you can select any shape, and enter your base width and height to get started.

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Special shaped window shutters 

From there, we will look at your pictures and create a custom template to get any additional measurements that our manufacturing team may need.

Once your order is finalized on paper, we will provide CAD drawings with detailed specs showing the exact design of your custom shutter. These CAD diagrams will get your final review and approval prior to production, and we can still edit and send new diagrams for the order at this stage before production starts.

How do I measure my special shaped windows?

For special shapes, we need a base width measured at the widest part of the shape, and the height of the tallest point in the shape.

You can always send us pictures in advance, and we will gladly mark for you where to measure.

We have a measuring video specific to arch shutters, but essentially you will follow the same guidelines for either inside mount or outside mount as detailed in our PDF guides and videos.

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DIY arched window shutters

Why Classic Poplar Hardwood?

You will notice that for most special shapes, you will see only Classic Poplar Hardwood listed in the material selection.

The Classic Poplar is the only range offering all special shapes, as it is made of 100% solid poplar wood which is a smooth wood with an even grain that lends itself well to fitting any custom shape and having a smooth finish.

Fauxwood arched shutters are not offered, as polyvinyl is a rough material that does not come to a smooth finish and does not accommodate a non-square or rectangular window.

For special shapes, especially curved plantation shutters, wood is a must.

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DIY shutters on French doors

French door, triangle, and trapezoid shutters will also offer our Designer Collection or Premium Elm Hardwood.

The Designer Collection is also made of solid poplar wood, with a distinct louver shape that is flat across the surface with a rounded edge, rather than the standard elliptical shape, for a more modern look. This range also offers a wide variety of colors from Extra White to Black Panther with many fun shades in between.

The Premium Elm Hardwood is 100% solid wood. Elm has a deeper grain and texture than poplar wood, so it is not a smooth surface. This is ideal if you are looking for a more rustic look. Premium Elm Hardwood has a visible wood grain and texture, even when painted.

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DIY arched window shutters or other special shaped shutters may look intimidating. If they are throwing you a curve, there is no need to get bent out of shape!

Following our step by step guides, along with a helping hand from our friendly shutter experts, it is a simple solution. Plantation shutters are the only window treatment that can fit like a glove to any shaped window opening.

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This post was brought to you by Yasmeen, one of The Shutter Store USA's experienced shutter consultants. Contact our team today for advice on finding the right shutters for your special shaped windows. We're here to help!