5 ways our team work in an eco-friendly way

Yasmeen, The Shutter Store 4/17/2019 9:30:48 AM Benefits of Shutters
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As Earth Day approaches, we at The Shutter Store are reflecting on our steps taken throughout the year to reduce our energy footprint. Our shutters are ideal for an eco-friendly home for many reasons. From the heat they keep in your home which reduce your energy bills, to the environmentally conscious decisions we take as a business to ship your shutters to you safely. Here’s why fitting shutters will help you create an eco-friendly home:

1. Shutters reduce energy consumption in your home 

Our shutters are made with solid materials, never hollow or composite, providing maximum insulation. With shutters installed, outside heat and cold are blocked, minimizing temperature change inside the home. As a result, you save energy and money on energy costs since air conditioning and heating are not running as frequently.

2. We use eco-friendly, recyclable packaging

Our shutters are packed and delivered to you in 75% recyclable packaging materials, meaning not only are your shutters safe in transit, but the packaging is working towards being planet friendly too. We also have online videos and downloadable PDF guides for installation, rather than printing paper instructions with every order.

3. We’re a planet-friendly, paperless office  

All aspects of our internal operations that once required printing, have been refined to be done digitally. Our order processing is now entirely paperless from beginning to end .Our galleries and measuring guides are all online rather than printing catalogs or instruction books, so you can access them right when you need them.

4. Your shutters are always made with sustainably sourced materials

We are actively involved in all aspects of our shutters’ production and ensure that our materials are sourced in an environmentally responsible way. We build our shutters with fine quality, fast growing Poplar and Elm wood, sourced from forests that replant trees. We’ve also partnered with organizations such as One Tree Planted to even further reduce our footprint.

5. Any factory waste we work really hard to reduce

Our factories collect wood scraps and sawdust left over from the manufacturing process, and transport these to nearby recycling facilities, rather than waste these materials.


This post was brought to you by Yasmeen, one of The Shutter Store USA's experienced shutter consultants. 

We look forward to dressing your eco windows this Earth Day. For more information on our practices, or choosing the right shutters for your home, contact our friendly support team. We are here to help!