What slat size do most people order for shutters?

Yasmeen 4/28/2020 10:10:08 AM Ask Yasmeen

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Today’s question is: 

What slat size do most people order for shutters?

The terms slats and louvers can both be used to refer to the horizontal blades that rotate to let in light and give a better view. So, what plantation shutter slat sizes do most people choose?

The short answer to this question is that our best-selling slat size is 3 ½” slats. This is the most commonly selected size because it is not too big, and not too small – Goldilocks would agree, they’re “just right”. But of course, one size does not fit all, and there a few things to consider when deciding the best shutter louver size.


3 ½” shutter slats are the most popular choice.


2 ½ inch v. 3 ½ inch v. 4 ½ inch


We offer a range of sizes for shutter slats to fit any taste and any size window.

A small, short window for example will look best with 2 ½” slats in proportion to the size of the window. 2 ½” slats will also work best for windows with limited recess depth.


This lovely kitchen features 2 ½” louvered plantation shutters in a custom color.


Our most popular 3 ½” slats are a happy medium, great for windows big and small. They let in plenty of light without overpowering the window. These are growing in popularity to give a contemporary touch to a room.


3 ½” slats let in plenty of light and fit with any style of home décor.


A large window with a great view to the outdoors will look stunning with 4 ½” slats in proportion to the size, and to maximize light entry and visibility through the slats. For the most modern look and cleanest lines, opt for 4 ½” slats.


4 ½” slats stand up to the size of this large bay window and allow maximum light entry and view of the garden outside.


Check out our gallery for more examples of how our shutters look with different slat sizes.

Why are 1 7/8” slats no longer a thing?


These are starting to fall out of demand along with anything smaller than 2 ½” louver shutters. There has definitely been a shift in popularity toward slats of 2 ½” and up.

Smaller louvers tend to restrict how much light can enter the room when the louvers are opened and can look a bit busy because of how many slats and moving parts you have within the shutter panel.


2 ½” slats offer a traditional look without being too busy.


2 ½” slats will give you that same traditional, colonial look in an elegant way. They will not overpower a window, but they are large enough to give you the option of more light entry and visibility when the slats are fully opened.

If you are worried about the depth of your windows accommodating larger slats, we offer framing options that will extend your depth so the slats can fully operate without hitting the glass or any obstructions in your window opening.

Check out our measuring guides to view the depth requirements for each slat size, and to find frame templates for all of the frame styles we offer.


We can help you choose the right frame for your preferred slat size, even if your windows are not deep enough.


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