Why Shutters are a Great Style Choice for 2022

The Shutter Store 1/10/2022 9:51:20 AM Benefits of Shutters, Inspiration

Are you looking to update your interiors for the new year? Then you’ll want to stay on top of contemporary design trends. Right now, we’re seeing a growing interest in biophilic interior design. But what is biophilic design - and how do shutters fit into this aesthetic?

Put simply, it’s a design philosophy that stresses connectivity with nature. The last couple of years have had most of us cooped up indoors, so it makes sense that we’d want to bring the outside world into our living spaces. That’s the key phrase - living spaces. Biophilia literally means ‘love of life’, so think about a living room burgeoning with houseplants, decor constructed from natural materials, floral patterning and decorative terrariums. It’s typically twinned with an interest in the sustainable, which means low emission living and a focus on quality craftsmanship that stands the test of time.

If you’re looking for an interior feature that compliments a more natural tone, you might want to consider window shutters - and here’s why.


Made From Natural Wood

Nowadays, shutters can be constructed from all kinds of different materials, but traditionally they were made from wood. Wooden shutters are still a very popular choice for a variety of reasons. Stylistically, they’re both nostalgic and timeless - they’re versatile enough to work in most contemporary interiors, but can also convey a sense of rustic charm. 

Biophilic design focuses on natural materials such as wood, so wooden shutters are an obvious choice for a window furnishing if you’re going for that on-trend look. Natural wooden shutters come in a var iety of types. At The Shutter Store, we offer both Poplar Hardwood and American Hardwood, all of which are 100% solid for the sake of durability. These hardwood shutters come in a variety of colors and stains, and if you’re looking to highlight those natural textures, go for the stained option - it’ll preserve the grain for that classic rustic wood shutters look. Alternatively, you can go for unfinished wooden shutters if you want to style them exactly to your liking.


Promotes Natural Lighting

Of course, window shutters aren’t just about looks - they’re about function, too. Window shutters let natural light into your interior, and using sunlight to brighten your living space

(instead of artificial lighting) is a key part of biophilic design. Shutters facilitate this better than other window furnishings because they allow you a finer degree of control. 

How so? Well, natural plantation shutters feature slats that let you choose exactly how much light you want to let in or keep out. Different designs come with different options. For example, tier on tier shutters allow you to open the slats of the top and bottom halves independently, while café style shutters only cover the lower portion of a window - great for ground floors which need the sun if you don’t want to compromise on privacy. 

Plus, your plants will thank you!

Complements Natural Colors

In addition to materials and function, you can incorporate biophilic design into your home through color. Of course, we’ve already touched on how you can accentuate the shutter’s wood texture and tone through stains. For our hardwoods, the stain can be purely natural or even unfinished, or you could indulge in a more distinctive stain such as mahogany, golden oak or honey maple. 

Although staining preserves the wood grain, it’s not the only option - you can also paint your shutters in a color that suggests or compliments the natural world. White wooden shutters pair wonderfully with natural light to really brighten up an interior for a fresh, open air feeling. Or you could make it a DIY project and custom paint them in a way which really works with your own ecosystem - perhaps a deep green to pair with your houseplants? 

For a better idea of our range of stains and paints, check out our free shutter samples.


Provides Eco Friendly Insulation

We typically think of window furnishings as a form of light and privacy control, but they perform a secondary function which can be just as important: controlling heat in the home. Shutters, particularly our solid wooden shutters, provide a great deal of insulation. A lot of heat escapes through windows, and a set of sturdy shutters can really make a difference in the colder months: studies from the UK showed that well fitting wooden shutters can reduce heat loss through windows by 58%!

The more insulated your home, the less you’ll crank up the heating - which means a smaller carbon footprint for you and less greenhouse gas for the planet. Biophilic design isn’t merely an aesthetic, it’s an eco-philosophy, so it’s important that our stylistic choices reflect that. Opting for traditional, long lasting forms of insulation such as natural wooden shutters is another way of expressing the biophilic ethos beyond the visual. 


Ethically Sourced

Of course, if you’re concerned about environmental ethics, you’ll want to make sure that your shutters are supplied by someone with similar ethical commitments. Here at the Shutter Store, we’re committed to planet friendly plantation shutters. Our environmental ethos means that we only source our timber from forests that replant, that we focus on minimising emissions via our delivery process, and that we ensure that our packaging is recyclable. So if you’re looking to go on-trend ecological this year, we’ve got you covered. Contact our friendly team of shutter experts to discuss your interior DIY plans and they’ll be happy to answer any questions you have about introducing shutters to your home.