Which shutters will compliment the era of my house?

The Shutter Store 5/27/2019 10:47:16 AM
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With countless design combinations at your fingertips, it can be hard to settle on what style shutters will look best in your home. One thing to keep in mind, is the era and architectural style of your home. Shutters can be customized to keep consistent with the interior and exterior aesthetics of your home and in this post, our shutter experts advise on which shutters look best with which architectural styles.

Which shutters will compliment the era of my house?

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Shutters for the Colonial style house

Colonial style has many variations due to the diversity of American settlers in the 1600s when this style originated. An identifying element common to Colonial style is evenly spaced, shuttered windows. If you're fitting interior shutters to this style of house we recommend smaller slats such as our 2 1/2", visible central tilt rods, and intricate trim work like that on our wider Z Frames which are fitting with this more traditional style.

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Shutters for Modern architecture homes

Architecture inspired by the modern era in art history features open spaces and clean lines, channeling contemporary living so if you're opting for plantation shutters, it makes sense they look contemporary not traditional. Our Designer Collection is made for modern, contemporary looking houses. Plantation shutters for the modern home will typically have larger slats (such as our 4 1/2" option), letting in more light and minimizing the number of lines visible from outside the home. Opting for full height shutters and a hidden tilt rod further minimizes lines and creates that open, modern feel. It's personal preference but you may want to consider keeping the shutter material smooth not grained, for a truly contemporary feel. Our Affordable Fauxwood, or Classic Poplar Hardwood are materials to try. You can order free samples to see how they look in your home. 

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Ranch Style Home Shutters

Ranch style homes are modeled after rural Western ranches. The interior open floor plans are similar to the modern style, but the exteriors are more eclectic and personalized. Here you may find solid raised panel shutters, or even half solid, which give privacy, unique design, and still allow light into the home when the panels are closed, look beautiful in this architectural style. We think the secret with period building such as ranch style homes, is to fit shutters that look like they were made with the property. Solid shutters have a whole host of benefits such as sound and insulation, so if your house has single glazed windows, they can be a great investment to improve insulation and reduce your energy consumption. 

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Shutters for the Spanish Architecture House

Inspired by early 20th century Spanish churches, Spanish architecture homes are known for elaborate covered entryways surrounded by arches, and arched windows inside the home. Some of our customers with arched windows come to us having really struggled to decide on window dressing, but really, plantation shutters are the most suitable option. We build arched shutters bespoke to your measurements, and walk you through how to measure accurately. Our Arch 1 and Arch 2 style wooden shutters are custom cut to fit any arched window, with the traditional sunburst shape louvers at the top. Give our team a call if you need any help with your shutter measurements. 
DIY interior design doesn’t have to be intimidating. Our friendly shutter experts are here to help, and we love to be a part of your “before and after”. Email us your “before” picture for expert advice on measuring and design.

Alternatively, go ahead and order shutter samples to see the quality of our shutters for yourself. 


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