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Are Shutters Good for Insulation?

Yasmeen 6/5/2020 2:14:48 PM Benefits of Shutters

As we creep into the hot summer months approaching (or already here, for some of us!) it becomes increasingly important to have a window covering that will insulate your home.

We often get asked “are plantation shutters good for insulation?”, and the answer is a definite yes! Plantation shutters are the most insulating window treatment, and just happen to look elegant and polished at the same time.



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Do Shutters Help with Insulation?

Rooms with windows that get direct sunlight during the day can get unbearably hot even with the A/C running, which can make it hard to get comfortable and get a good night’s sleep.

Even with the curtains or blinds closed, though you may have shade, you will still feel the heat from outside.

The same is true in the winter months – hold your hand up to your curtains, blinds, or shades and you will still feel the chilling cold from outside.

Plantation shutters offer an insulative barrier between your windows and your home’s interior, so you can maintain your desired room temperature.

The Shutter Store’s shutters are the best shutters for insulation, as we use only 100% solid materials. Hollow or composite shutters will not give you the same performance as our 100% solid hardwood, or solid polyvinyl with aluminum core.


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Do Window Shutters Insulate Better in a Certain Style?

Full height or Full Solid Raised shutters will give you the most protection from outdoor temperatures.
Café style leaves the upper portion of your window uncovered, but if you are looking for temperature control, full height will completely cover the window and give you the most insulation value when the slats are closed.

Tier on tier style shutters also cover your full window, but generally they are designed so that you can keep your top tier open. While they do still insulate well when all panels are closed, there is a slight 1/8” gap between the top and bottom tier preventing the shutters from offering as much insulation as a full height shutter would.

Full solid raised panels are made of solid wood, similar to a cabinet door, and they have no moving slats. This ensures that you will have complete coverage of the window at all times, and the most reduction in temperature, light, or noise bleeding into the room from outside.


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Plantation Shutters’ Insulation Value

Adding insulation to your windows with shutters is not only beneficial for your comfort. It is also money-saving, as it limits how much your heating and cooling system needs to run throughout the year.
Using less heating and cooling lowers your energy bills and reduces your home’s environmental impact!

Wooden shutters and polyvinyl shutters both offer a great insulation value. R-value is a measurement that refers to a material’s ability to resist heat. While polyvinyl has a slightly higher R-value than wood, the difference is minor, and given the thickness and quality of our shutter panels and frames, you will get the same insulating benefits from either material.

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In terms of the slat size you choose, larger slats will be spaced further apart and let more light into the room when they are opened. However, when the slats are closed, they are designed to overlap tightly and close flat in the upwards direction. This gives you maximum light blockage, privacy, and insulation regardless of the slat size.


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Plantation shutters are a window’s best friend, especially in extreme hot or extreme cold temperatures! If you are unsure of what style or material to choose for your home, reach out to our shutter experts today. We can talk about the climate where you live, and where the shutters will be installed to help guide on the best choice of material, style, or any questions you may have on measuring/installing your own shutters. We are here to help!  
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This post was brought to you by Yasmeen, one of The Shutter Store USA's experienced shutter consultants. Contact our team, our shutter experts are here to help you find the shutter style, material, slat size and frame mount, creating the perfect combination to help insulate your home. We're here to help!