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Combining Plantation Shutters with Curtains

Want to add the benefits of plantation shutters to your home, but hesitant to part with your favorite curtains? You can absolutely have both and combine plantation shutters and curtains! This is a DIY home décor hack that offers you the best of both worlds.

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Can you mix shutters and curtains?


Reap the benefits of privacy, flexible control over light entering the room, and insulation, and keep the soft decorative touch of your curtains for the ultimate window covering combination.

Reduce the energy costs in your home by adding shutters as a barrier to outside temperatures.

Keep outside noises muffled, and light blocked when the slats on your shutters are closed.

And while curtains are either open or closed, shutters give you the flexibility to fully or partially open the slats, as well as the panels, for full control over privacy and over how much sunlight enters the room.

Curtains can add a style element and are available in varied lengths, fabrics, and prints, making the style combination possibilities endless. You can even combine plantation shutters and sheer curtains.

Curtains look great above café style shutters, or even drawn to the side next to full height shutters. Or close the curtains for maximum light blockage.


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How to pair cafe shutters with curtains

Valances and curtains can provide additional shade for windows with café style shutters, which cover only the lower portion of your window opening. You can customize the height of your café shutters to wherever looks best in your window.

Café style shutters are perfect for adding the style of shutters, along with the privacy, while keeping the top of the window open to let in plenty of light.

Adding curtains gives you the flexibility to cover the window when you may want to block out the light. Valances add a nice decorative touch and balance to the top of the window, so it does not look bare.

Café style shutters


Curtains with full height shutters


Plantation shutters offer insulation, noise reduction, and light blockage that you cannot get from curtains alone. But even if you are covering the full height of the window opening with shutters, you do not need to let go of your favorite curtains.

In a bay window, you cannot find curtains to follow the shape of a curved, angled, or box bay window. You can customize the dimensions of your plantation shutters to fit these windows, and still have the curtains at the front of the opening.

You can keep them drawn to the side for the decorative touch, while still having each window section covered with its own shutter. You may also close the curtains fully for added light blockage.

While plantation shutters will darken a room quite significantly, there can be a subtle glow of light between the shutter panels and the frame, therefore not a 100% blackout. The addition of curtains in front of your shutters will guarantee you a dark room and a restful night’s sleep.


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Plantation shutters are also a great addition to your arched, round, or otherwise specially shaped windows that curtains just don’t cover.

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Design your shutters to compliment your curtains

Start designing your custom shutters today for any shape or size window. Check out our available shutter styles and quick DIY guides to get started on designing the perfect shutters! Enter your dimensions into our quick quote tool to see just how affordable this stylish upgrade can be!


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