How Long Does It Take to Install Shutters?

Yasmeen 10/16/2020 2:49:52 PM Buying and Fitting Shutters
Installing your own shutters saves you a significant amount of money compared to using a full-service measure and install company. With custom fit shutters to the exact sizes you provide, our shutters install in a breeze with no hassle and no previous DIY or installation experience required!


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How long does it take to install plantation shutters?

With just a drill, a hammer, and a spirit level, you can easily install your own shutters utilizing The Shutter Store’s simple installation guides and videos, plus the hardware kit provided with everything you need for a successful installation.
Check out our installation guides to see for yourself how easy it is! With our shutter experts available by phone, email, and chat, we are also here to provide expert guidance for any troubleshooting or questions that arise.
We also have unboxing and pro tip videos on our Instagram page breaking down some frequently asked questions about installation.

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Installing plantation shutters is quite straightforward, especially with custom-made shutters. Off-the-shelf store-bought shutters come in standard sizes, but every home is different, even within the same community or apartment complex.

Those fractional variances in each window opening (even windows within the same room may vary slightly), can make for a challenging installation using a standard-sized shutter. You may have to sand the edges, or shim and caulk to fill large gaps.

Following our step-by-step measuring guides, you can ensure your shutters will be a perfect fit, down to the 1/16th of an inch, making for a seamless installation.

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Installation time of course can vary depending on the size of your windows and how many windows you are covering. Based on our experts’ hands-on training and our DIY customers’ feedback, the average installation takes about an hour or less.


At any skill level or age, our customers have reported their success stories and the ease of installation. So, don’t just take it from us – take a look at their feedback and reviews!

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Tips for the easiest shutter installation:

The biggest tip and time-saver to make your installation a breeze is to have accurate measurements.

Taking a few minutes to download and read through our measuring guides will save you more time in the long run.

In addition, the shutter style you select can make a difference in the ease and speed of installation. Full height shutters are the easiest to install.

Keep in mind that the more panels per window shutter, the more adjustments and time will be needed for installation. Tier on tier style shutters have twice as many panels and can be more challenging to install.

A 4-sided frame will always make for the easiest installation (compared to a 3-sided frame or panels-only frameless install). Even if your window has a sill or crank at the bottom, there is often a solution that will still allow for a 4-sided frame for the best support and shutter panel alignment.
Wooden shutters are easier to adjust if there is a variance or imperfection in the window opening itself that results in any sanding to be needed. Wooden shutters easily sand to a smooth finish, whereas
polyvinyl is a tougher substance and the aluminum core makes any modifications more challenging.

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Your search for easy install shutters at an affordable price is over! We are here to help you save time with easy to follow measuring, design, installation, and maintenance guides. Check out our video library for a comprehensive overview of the simple steps for a successful shutter journey. Follow the links below to get started today!

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