Can plantation shutters be repainted or stained?

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We know the perfect color plantation shutters can really tie a room together! Whether you prefer to match and blend with your existing décor or add a contrasting pop of color – it’s important to find just the right shade.


The perfect shutter color can really tie a room together.

Can plantation shutters be painted?

A common question is whether plantation shutters can be repainted or stained. While it is possible to repaint or stain a wooden shutter, we have some easier alternatives to ensure you get the right color the first time!

·        Choose from our available range of colors

·        Request a custom color match

·        Order unfinished wooden shutters

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Choose from Our Available Range of Colors 

We have close to 100 possible combinations of materials and colors in both painted and stained options.

All our materials offer painted shutters in neutral white and beige to grey tones.


Neutral tones will match with any color or style décor.

For a wider range of colors like claret red and black panther, look to our Designer Collection. 

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The Designer Collection has a wide range of colors as well as a high gloss option.

For stain colors, look to the Classic Poplar Hardwood, American Hardwood, or Premium Elm Hardwood.


Stains show off the natural grain and beauty of wooden shutters.

If you are looking for visible wood grain in a painted shutter, the Premium Elm Hardwood has a deep grain that is still visible even when painted.


Premium Elm Hardwood offers a more rustic look with visible wood grain, even when painted.

Since the color on your computer or phone screen can vary from one device to another based on your monitor settings, we highly encourage you to order our free samples. These will give you a sample piece of slat cut to show you the exact material and color.

Please note natural variations can occur in wood stains and in the painted Premium Elm Hardwood due to the nature of the material and variation in the wood grain.


Possible natural variations in the wood grain - Premium Elm Hardwood

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Request a Custom Color Match

Our Classic Poplar Hardwood range offers custom painted plantation shutters. If you did not find the perfect color in our available standard options, we can mix a custom paint color for an additional fee.

Simply provide us the color code if it is a color in the Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams current swatch decks.

If it is a different brand or a color not contained in our current swatch decks, you can mail us a physical sample of the color you would like to match.


Full Height shutters in Classic Poplar Hardwood with a custom color.

This can add an extra week or two to the manufacturing time but will save you the effort of having to paint your own shutters. Contact our team to confirm pricing. We can also check if your desired color is available in our swatch decks or if you should send us a sample in the mail.

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Order Unfinished Wooden Shutters

We are not currently able to color match stains. For a custom stain color, you can order raw unfinished wood in our Classic Poplar or American Hardwood to use your own stain color.

The Premium Elm Hardwood can be ordered unfinished upon special request, but due to the deeper grain and texture of this wood, it will be more challenging to paint or stain on your own.

Keep in mind that stain colors look different as they dry. You’ll need to allow ample drying time in between each coat to see how the finish looks and determine if you’ll need to apply additional coats to achieve your desired finish.

If you’ll be painting your own shutters, choose the unfinished & primed option. Your paintable wood shutters will arrive already coated in the primer and ready-to-paint.

A surcharge does apply for unfinished wood options. When ordering unfinished, our manufacturing team will use care to select the smoothest wood with the least variation in grain so you can more easily achieve an even finish.


The perfect stain color can tie a room together too! Choose from one of our stains, or order “unfinished” to use your own. 

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Repainting plantation shutters

Our shutters are coated with a minimum 7 layers of paint or stain, mixed with a UV protectant and sealant for a long-lasting finish that is meant to stay put for years and years to come.

You won’t need to worry about the color yellowing, chipping, or fading, so you shouldn’t need to repaint or stain your shutters unless you just want to change up the color.

For wooden shutters, it’ll be important to use a very fine grit sandpaper to gently remove the existing paint and sealant prior to priming and repainting.

Painting vinyl shutters is much more challenging. It’s not advisable to repaint Affordable Fauxwood or American Polyvinyl shutters. These are solid polyvinyl with aluminum core, which is a rough material and can’t be sanded to a smooth finish to allow for a new layer of paint to take to the shutters. 

Stained wooden shutters will have already absorbed the existing stain color into the material and would be a lot more labor intensive to restore to the original wood color in order to accept a new stain. Your best bet if you think you’ll want a different stain color is to request unfinished wood in the beginning.

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Color may be the hardest decision in the whole process! As you can see, there are many options to ensure you get your perfect shutter color. Once you have that down, you’ll be surprised how easy it is to measure, design and install your custom plantation shutters. Get started now!    

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