10 easy and elegant thanksgiving table decoration ideas you can use again for Christmas

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Pic credit: Joyfully growing blog

1. Theme it woodland

Pine cones, wooden coasters and hessian fabric make stunning table decorations at any time of year. Keep it simple for thanksgiving and pair with pumpkins or apples from this year’s harvest, and come Christmas, dress it up by adding heavier foliage or a garland and fairy lights.

Pic credit: French country cottage

2. Fill a vase of seasonal foliage

A very simple thanksgiving centerpiece idea is to take a sweet vase and fill it with seasonal foliage. Place 2 or 3 along your table if it’s long, or one larger vase if it’s a curved table, dotting candles around for atmosphere. Come the holidays, refill your vase with fir or berry branches and fairy lights for the perfect Christmas table centerpiece.

Pic credit: Bless’er House

3. Have a colored shutter as your centerpiece

We simply adore this thanksgiving table decoration idea from Bless'er House. Who would have thought colored shutters would be so versatile? Apart from transforming a room, colored shutters make a stunning thanksgiving centerpiece, dressed with sweet candles and pumpkins in colours of fall. To switch it up for Christmas, how about resting holly branches and candles in the center instead?

Pic credit: Lemon Thistle

4. Doodle your table cloth

Not enough time to go out and buy a thanksgiving table cloth? Here’s a great idea by Colleen over at Lemon Thistle! Use kraft mailing paper to draw your own place settings and dress candles of varying height and fresh foliage. Neat, huh?

Pic credit: Pretty Providence

5. Dress up your cake stand

If you’ve always thought cake stands were for sweet treats only, think again. Cake stands are such a great thanksgiving and christmas decoration whether to dress up your sideboard or countertops for the season, or to make a quick and easy table centerpiece. Dress with candles, berries and pumpkins for the perfect thanksgiving table decoration, and opt for reindeer figurines or bottle brush christmas trees for a more festive look.

Pic credit: Inspired by charm

6. Need napkin rings? Reach for your herb planter!

We adore this quick and easy thanksgiving DIY, perfect for both your Thanksgiving decoration, and Christmas decoration. Simply take a cutting of rosemary from your herb planter, wind it into a loop the size of your napkins and fasten together with a piece of string. And you’re done! Ready to wow your guests as they take their seats at the table.

Pic credit: Bless’er House

7. Dress it with hessian

What’s the biggest mistake you can do when it comes to table dressing? Spend a fortune on a festive tablecloth. You know the ones, with holly or reindeer prints all over that you can only use a few times a year, then it collects dust with the rest of your Christmas gear in your loft. The solution? Choose timeless fabrics that suit all seasons. Hessian, linen and crisp white cotton tablecloths are perfect for dressing a Thanksgiving, Christmas and just about any seasonal table.

Pic credit: Rachel at The Kitchn

8. Go outside and forage

How do you really dress a thanksgiving table on a budget? You go outside and see what you can find! Fall is an amazing time of year for foliage in rich orange and red colours, creating stunning displays on a kitchen table or around your home. Bring your pruning shears and head out on a walk. Come the holidays, do the same. You’ll be surprised how different the seasonal foliage is on offer.

Pic credit: Stylecaster

9. Make your own votive holders

Nothing says thankful more than spending time crafting something for your loved ones to enjoy at your Thanksgiving table. We love this easy Thanksgiving DIY from Stylecaster, to bring a rustic woodland feel to your table. Why not make some for your Christmas table too? Or gift one to your guests to take home as a reminder of the holidays.

Pic credit: Sand & Sisal

10. Pull out your trays

If you have trays lying around your kitchen, make use of them! Not only are the perfect for using as a Thanksgiving or Christmas table centerpiece by dressing with foliage, but they’re really easy to pick up and move if your table is getting a little crowded as you serve.

Looking for more Thanksgiving decoration ideas? Visit our thanksgiving pinterest board full of easy DIY’s and more.

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