7 ways to get your home set for summer

The Shutter Store 5/21/2018 8:00:00 AM Home Decor and Design, Inspiration, Seasonal

Pic: The Shutter Store

1. Pretty up windows

Boring blinds? Dull drapes? Left a window undressed? It’s time to swap to a window treatment that makes all the right impressions, as well as allowing you to control the light coming in, avoid glare in full sun, and create privacy. Which window treatment delivers on all these counts? American Shutters of course and ours are available in delicious summer colors to make the most of the season. Best of all, if you pick a shade such as this gorgeous coral, you’ll inject energy and style into an interior scheme year-round. Our shutters are easy to self-install saving you almost 40% on the price. 


Pic: Dunelm

2. Go green

To bring the vibrancy and bounty of summer into any space in an instant, what could be simpler than adding in a display of greenery? Rather than a solitary houseplant, the latest trend is for an array of different plants placed together. Show off contrasting leaf shapes as well as various sizes for best effect. Real plants are great for boosting indoor air quality, but if you’re out of town a lot, today’s faux plants have a really authentic appearance so faking it is fine.


Pic: George Home

3. Jazz up the bathroom

If you’re looking for a low-cost strategy that makes a big impact in a bathroom, swapping the towels is an easy way to do it, introducing an attention-grabbing seasonal color palette. Try out patterned combinations of hues to gain the maximum effect. Stripes and geometrics have summer home style that brings an all-white room to life.


Pic: The Shutter Store

4. Brighten a room

Take advantage of the summer sun to make even a small room feel larger by upping the levels of daylight. Shutters in white or a light tone will help bounce light round the room, as will flooring in a pale shade. All-white’s not compulsory, though. Hanging a neutral patterned wallpaper like this one will create decorative interest without making the room gloomy. Glass surfaces – check out this coffee table – as well as metallic accessories and wall mirrors will also aid the room-brightening efforts.


Pic: HomeSense

5. Go for pastels

If the bold colors of summer aren’t  to your taste, why not try pastels in their place? They’ll definitely say summer interior, but the soft shades are easy to live with and suit living spaces and bedrooms beautifully. Painting walls is a budget-friendly makeover tactic, while opting for a few accessories in pastel shades will also help keep costs reasonable.


 Pic: House of Fraser

6. Swap textures

Exchanging heavier fabrics and finishes of winter and spring for lighter linens will look and feel right for a home in summer. Go for linen or cotton on your bed to make nights more comfortable, and wash and stash heavier bedding ready for when it’s needed again. In living spaces, introduce throw blankets and pillows in lighter materials, relaxed weaves and summer shades to sofas and armchairs to strike the right note, too.


Pic: Marks & Spencer

7. Bring in ocean shades

The freshness of sea blue is a great antidote to the heat of summer, creating a cool atmosphere when the mercury’s rising. Here, the effects produced by using the color in pattern on the armchair upholstery and rug, and in the painterly style of the walls. If you’re using solid blue instead, contrast it with areas of white to get the same refreshing effect.

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