Installing Shutters on Various Materials

Yasmeen 8/10/2020 3:50:48 PM Ask Yasmeen, Buying and Fitting Shutters

The beauty of custom-made shutters is that there is no such thing as a standard window or standard installation. Our customers have used plantation shutters to cover room dividers, closet doors, kitchen cabinets, entertainment centers and more.

That being said, what special requests or modifications need to be considered when installing shutters on brick, concrete, tile, etc, and not just a wood-cased drywall opening?

Installing wood shutters on brick

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Measuring instructions will remain the same whether installing shutters on a window opening or any special projects.

If the shutters are mounting inside of a recessed opening, you will follow our measuring guides for inside mount.

If the shutters are being surface mounted outside of an opening and projecting out into the room, you will follow our measuring guides for outside mount.

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If you are remodeling and adding any tile, sills, or backsplash near the opening, we advise waiting to take your measurements until all modifications are complete.


For a tile backsplash that only goes part-way up the opening, there are a couple of options for how to measure. The shutter can fit inside the tiled area with either a z-frame to hide the gaps, or an L-Frame which would require you to use shims and caulk to fill the resulting gap.

Similarly, you could do an outside mount, shimming behind the shutter frame to fill the gap between the frame and the wall to create a level surface for mounting the frame.

Send a picture in to our team of experts for more advice on mounting shutters with a tile backsplash.


Assembly and installation are also straightforward regardless of where you are installing your shutters. The screws in the hardware kit provided for your shutters are meant for wood/drywall.

If installing on brick, concrete or tile, you will need to purchase your own screws from any local hardware store to ensure you have screws meant to drill through those tougher materials.


If installing on a more hollow material like vinyl or aluminum, or where there is no stud present, you may need to purchase wall anchors from a hardware store to provide you a secure location to mount the screws and support the weight of the shutters. Your local hardware store team can guide you in the right direction for anchors that will work best for your special project installation.

We can always omit the pre-drilled mounting holes in our frames if you know you will need to drill at a specific location, at an angle, or for example, if you have a marble sill and don’t want any holes in the bottom frame piece. This custom option can be discussed with the shutter expert that will call to review your order prior to production.

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This post was brought to you by Yasmeen, one of The Shutter Store USA's experienced shutter consultants. Contact our team today for advice on finding the right shutters for your windows. As with any shutter project, our team of friendly shutter experts are just a call, chat or email away! Upload a picture of the window with your order or send it in to our support team for help designing your perfect shutters. We are here to help!

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