5 Budget Bathroom Updates

The Shutter Store 12/21/2015 9:00:20 AM Home Decor and Design, Inspiration

Every now and again, it feels good to revamp our environment. Let’s face it though, it’s not always possible to undergo major renovations just to suit our need for a fresh decor. Here are 5 ideas to update your bathroom on a budget!

Change the flooring!

Whether you select vinyl or ceramic tiles for your floor, they are both great options as they are easy to clean and water resistant.

If you opt for ceramic, be prepared to pay a little more but given that a bathroom is (most the time) a smaller space, you may be able to find very nice ceramic for less by shopping clearance sales!

As little of a change as it may seems, updating your floor can completely revitalize the room!

Upgrade you taps!

Change the style of your sink by selecting a classic model to achieve that stylish nostalgic look sure to get attention or…

Choose to go completely to the other end of the spectrum by selecting a modern and one of a kind piece. Whichever your preference is, it is possible to find beautiful faucets for less by shopping online!

Put some tiles up!

When it comes to tiles, just like ceramic flooring, it can be a little more costly if you decide to tile up a complete wall as seen in the example below. But keep in mind that you may decide to only cover up a part of a wall or the inside of the shower/tub area only. By carefully selecting a target area, you create a focus, reduce the square footage and by cause to effect reduce the cost of your project.

When it comes to using tiles, if your budget or the configuration of the bathroom does not allow for tiles on the walls, you can opt for a smaller but still effective use of the tiles by revamping your counter top with a nice contrasting tile and grout. A little more discrete but still creates a beautiful effect.

Frame your mirror!

Another very simple, popular and frugal way to add some punch to your bathroom is to put a nice frame around your mirror. Simple, quick and effective but so very chic, a frame around the mirror ads that finished touch you were looking for without breaking the bank or undergoing major renovations. Add a few handpicked accessories and…Voilà! It feels like a whole new room!

Don’t forget the window treatment!

The clean and luxurious look of shutters nicely complements any size bathroom and offers both privacy and style. But what about moisture, would it damage my shutters, you ask? Not to worry if you select the right material. Instead of the traditional wood shutter, select a polyvinyl shutter. This special blend of plastic will stand the test of time and will not be affected by moisture or contact with water. Perfect for the bathroom! The Shutter Store offers polyvinyl shutters in two different ranges and in a multitude of colors and designs. All of our polyvinyl shutters slats are reinforced with an aluminum core offering more density, stability and durability.  Visit us today at and see what inspires you!

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