Plantation Shutters or Curtains?

Yasmeen 12/11/2020 9:25:43 AM Benefits of Shutters, Buying and Fitting Shutters
A common question in the decision of choosing window coverings is "should I get shutters or curtains?” While both window treatments offer a variety of color and style options to match your home décor, only one offers practical benefits far beyond that, and that is plantation shutters.

Plantation shutters and curtains are not necessarily enemies and can work well when utilized together for the ultimate style combo. But standing on their own, only plantation shutters can offer you all the aesthetic and functional benefits that make them the winning window treatment (in our humble opinion).


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Function & Value

No one can argue the benefits of plantation shutters, including style, practicality, helping insulation, increasing property value, and allowing control over privacy and light-entry. However, many may think that curtains are more affordable or easier to install.

On the contrary, when you factor in how long plantation shutters will last in addition to the monetary value provided with the above-mentioned benefits, plantation shutters are a smarter investment.


When it comes to shutters versus curtain insulation, plantation shutters block extreme hot and cold temperatures, helping your room stay at a consistent temperature, thus reducing your heating and cooling costs. While curtains may block the sunlight from coming through when closed, they don’t provide the same seal as custom-fit shutters, nor do they have as thick and impenetrable of materials.
And with the help of our friendly shutter experts, they are easier to measure for and install than you may think. Our step by step measuring and installation guides break down our simple process, designed so that even a novice to DIY can ensure a successful installation.

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Custom Style Options

Curtains may sound like the easier option for matching your home décor given the multiple fabric and color / pattern options available. But selecting the curtain rod, material and color is as far as your custom options go.

You cannot get custom sizes down to the 1/16th of an inch to fit your window like a glove, and once your curtains are hanging, they are either open or closed – when open allowing full visibility into the room from outside; when closed, blocking light from entering the room.

Whereas, with plantation shutters, you can customize your size to fit the exact dimensions of your window opening and choose custom framing options, as well as selecting a slat size that helps you control the level of privacy, even when your slats are open to let in some light. You can of course fully open your shutter panels as well, when you do want full light-entry and visibility.

Not to mention that our shutters can be custom fit to corner windows, bay windows, arch windows, or any other specialty shape, as well as hanging over French Doors with a custom cut-out to accommodate your door handle and lock.



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Don’t forget the nearly 100 color combinations we offer in different paints, stains and materials, plus a custom color matching option in case you don’t find the perfect color in our set of standard color options.

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Here is where plantation shutters take off with a commanding lead over curtains, or any other window covering for that matter.

Plantation shutters are extremely easy to clean and care for.  They can be dusted with a feather duster or microfiber cloth. Vinyl shutters can be wiped with soapy water if needed. For wooden shutters be sure to dry them thoroughly if exposed to any moisture, but our vinyl shutters are completely waterproof.

Our paints are mixed with UV protectant and sealed, with a minimum 7 layers of paint or stain applied to your shutters to ensure the color doesn’t fade and the paint does not crack or peel over time.


Our solid materials are durable and long-lasting, covered under our 3 year warranty, and sure to last years or even decades beyond that time.

There are no fabrics to launder, no drawstrings or parts that can easily come apart or need frequent replacement. Curtains are nearly impossible to dust, and need laundering or vacuuming to keep dust away, whereas plantation shutters are a more hypoallergenic option and easy to keep free of dust. They also block outdoor elements preventing dust and dander from entering the home.

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Now that we have settled that and declared our winner, what are you waiting for? Browse our online shop now to start selecting your custom options and designing your perfect shutters at a fraction of the cost by doing your own measure and installation. Check out our video library for tips on design, measuring, installation, and maintenance.

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